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If Iran or Korea was to lauch a nuclear weapon…..?

If Iran or Korea was to lauch a nuclear weapon…..?

Both of these countries keep threatening to use their nukes.

Let us do a “perhaps” scenario here folks?

Let us say that Iran nukes Usrael who then nukes Iran, and the entire Middle East is now radioactive, people die, people die later, people get sick and die much later, and the oil is worthless. Let’s say that Korea nuker South Korea and Japan, then South Korea nukes North Korea, again, people die, people will die, people sick will die, area left radioactive.
OKay, this pelase remember is just a “perhaps” scenario okay, don’t get so uptight now…..

The US, Europe, China, Russia, Australia and Canada are now the biggies. We will of course always have the problems in South America, Mexico and Latin America and Africa, but hey, now the world monetary fund can spend money fixing them huh?

Okay, nukes, radiation, Japan nuclear war scenaria once again repeated, would the world be better of afterwards?

Serious responses now, let’s not play mind games, no childish responses, this is serious folks. North Koran needs a war so the people have something to live for, they go to battle, millions get killed, food supply the growths and many left get something to eat out of it. Iran just wants to wipe out Israel before someone else doe like the PLO. Everyone is mad as can be, so let them blow each other up. The food crisis in India will be opver wants the Tailban is nuked by Pakistan after the try using the Afghanastan nukes against them. Once that starts, the cows in India get smokes, now plenty of beef for everyone.

What a plan, the musleums with their nuew flag are moving all over the r=world and soon mouques will outnumber churches (just ask the Vatigan). In 100 years myslems will be the majority and run the world, so, where are we going in this new direction. What is gonna be left of this placet after all is said and done> Obahma has now wiped out the retirements for all americans counting in soricurity an d welfare, so the US needs to start or get on someone siide at the beginning.

All in all, I believe that this is the way we are going, bu remember, the US Attorney Gereranl did state He would not go after thise in Califitnia gowing marijuana for medicin al puroises only, so my person plans, grop py]ot, test my own pot, have free cops guarfing and oritetin my pot, Havi ng weejlu pop burning partyies so othe cn help us test ut firth. We wilklm ensure ouir marijuana farm is guarded by the bes sikdier iof FIrthyne and retired frim milkity services we cab get,,,,,

Gof Bless Br=arracbk Obihna@@@@@@@@@+++++++++++++++++”

Yjhe new orintung start t=during the hikidy nirnuhgm Wat thiiur ciffee hiuyue;;SHalkom all

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