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If Pat Robertson is for marijuana law reform, will Christians follow his lead?

If Pat Robertson is for marijuana law reform, will Christians follow his lead?

In the news yesterday Pat Robertson (of all people!) stated that marijuana laws in the US are too harsh and should be changed. Now that the king of American fundamentalist Christians has advocated marijuana law reform, how will that change the Christian view as a whole?

I was surprised to see comments like “Pat is a good christian” in the comments section of the news article. Those comments show that there’s a group of people in the US that think anyone that stands behind a pulpit and thumps on a bible is a good man.Those people have a big problem with reality, a couple days ago they thought pot was the worst thing on the planet, not because they know anything at all about it, just because some religious right winger told them to think that way. They never once used reason, logic, evidence or anything rational to come to their conclusion, they were simply told to think that way.

OK folks, Pat is now telling you pot is not too bad, a religious man told you to think differently, end of story, those are your marching orders, don’t question them.

Worked like a charm on Fireball, anyone else?
Toke lover, that may be true but she is showing that old christian logic, her opinion is based on nothing but her personal gut feeling. After reading the article I decided to do a little research. Since pot has been de-penalized and sold at Dutch coffee shops for many years, how does pot usage in the Netherlands compare to the US. What I learned is the overall usage half that of the US, 20.2% of kids in the US try pot by age 15, only 7% of the kids in the Netherlands try it by age 15.

In the Netherlands pot is sold to people of legal age and strictly regulated. In the US, anyone that wants to buy pot can buy pot, but do you think the drug dealer on the corner is going to check IDs? What makes more sense, regulate and control, or incarcerate so otherwise innocent kids learn criminal activity from the pros?

Some people are worried about people driving under the influence, that argument fails since like I said, they are already out there, the “War on Drugs” hasn’t put a dent in it. I se

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