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Is legal marijuana still legal?

Is legal marijuana still legal?

So, I live in Michigan, one of the states where it is legal to grow and distribute marijuana for medical purposes provided you have a permit from the state. Rumor has it, though, that even though it is legal to do so by state law, the federal government can just take a list of the licensed individuals, raid all of their houses, and charge them for possession and distribution of an illegal drug since it is illegal to grow or distribute marijuana by federal law.

Now, this is partially based off a lawsuit from around a decade ago in California, where they allowed pharmacies to distribute some marijuana and the Feds rushed in and started charging them for selling illegal drugs. The individual who I was talking to hadn’t heard anything about the case since then and assumed it was still going on. This seems kind of fishy to me, since it would mean the people who were trying to stop the proposal from being passed didn’t mention this amusing loophole that had so much anti-marijuana potential.
Yes, it is still legal under State Law. However, I’m wondering if the Federal Government can swoop in and make arrests based off the claim that it is illegal under Federal Law, regardless of State Law.

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