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Is Medical Marijuana Effective?

Is Medical Marijuana Effective?

I learned from a pharmacy tech teacher that marijuana is only proven to help eating disorders and terminally ill patients (cancer/aids) to boost their appetite. I was told it is not proven to help people sleep or for anxiety or any of the problems medicinal marijuana doctors are using to get people to buy a med card. Is this true?

I suffer from severe anxiety. To the point where if I am in any stressful situation I get hives and sweat uncontrollably and suffer from panic attacks and I am a young woman who is held back from so many social events and schooling because of this anxiety and it’s just no way to live. I have been on a number of drugs which all make me feel very zombie-ish. I am currently on Paxel which is making me very unfocused and too laid back to even talk. Many other drugs I have been on have way too many side effects and a main one is sexual side effect.

I know a lot of people getting marijuana for depression and anxiety. But I am very on the fence about it. I don’t want to take any pills, but I do not want to resort to marijuana unless it is proven to help.

Will you give your opinions to me whether you are a medical marijuana patient or not?

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