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Jamaica travel advice

Jamaica travel advice

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is a popular tourist destination attracting a million tourists from all over the world who arrive on cruise ships in Ocho Rios, or on the island’s largest airport in Motengo Bay. The vacationers can choose to set base in any of the Jamaica villas and cottages that are conveniently located nearby. As a savvy traveller, you can find a rental within your requirement and budget.

 Popular destinations

 Jamaica’s most well-knows tourist site is Ocho Rios famed for the Dunn’s River Falls. What makes these falls unique is that the water cascades a series of protruding rocks before weaving its way into the Caribbean Sea. Visit the falls and you will find a human chain winding its way up to the fall accompanied by a guide. There is also a Dolphins Cove nearby where you can actually swim with the dolphins. Then there is Negril with its beautiful beaches, notably the Seven Miles Beach. Also visit this place to witness some great sunsets. Kingston is the island’s capital and is a must visit for those interested in music and the history of the island.


 Jamaica boasts a number of hotels and five star resorts but most vacationers prefer to stay in Jamaica accommodation rentals comprising villas, studios, condos, cottages and apartments. By staying in your own rental, you can plan your own entertainment, prepare your meals, live like the locals and immerse yourself in the island’s culture.

 Food and drink

 The cuisine relies greatly on the local produce comprising pork, chicken and fish. The most popular food here is jerked meat-jerked chicken and jerked pork, which is meat seasoned with peppers and spices and grilled over a hot fire made of pimiento wood and mixed in fiery jerk sauce. If you don’t want it spicy, you can have it without the sauce. Besides, there are other local specialities such as rice cooked in coconut milk and native red beans.

 Aside from the rum, Jamaica is also famed for its Blue Mountain coffee, prized for its rich smoothness. You can also try out the Red Stripe beer, available in both light and regular varieties, and Appleton Rum. Infact, you can even tour the Appleton Rum factory south of Montego Bay along the Black River.


 The local currency is Jamaican dollar. The US dollars are also widely accepted in almost all jerked stands, local shops and duty free stores. For souvenirs, you can purchase local paintings, wood carvings and pottery as well as items crafted from shells and coconuts. You can also consider coffee, jerk seasoning and rum cakes.


 When in a foreign land, it is always advisable to follow some precautions. While you will definitely be safe in the secure community of your Jamaica villas and cottages, you should never venture out alone after dark. Avoid flashy clothes and drawing attention towards yourself. You’ll come across people trying to sell you drugs, especially marijuana but remember possessing drugs is illegal on the island.


Karen is a travel writer with Silver Sands Villas.

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