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Jewelry Making Instructions

Jewelry Making Instructions

► plc3demo.com Here are some examples of the types of things you’ll learn: ✔ How to make jump rings stay closed – With a simple 2 second technique will make your jump rings twice as strong and twice as secure. (Even professionals designers tell me they didn’t know this one!) ✔ How to make your own handcrafted jump rings – Follow these foolproof coiling techniques and cutting techniques to make your own custom matched jumprings to set your designs apart. ✔ How to keep your loops from coming out all different sizes – You”ll learn how to use a common office supply store buy to make your loops the exact same size every single time (It’s the common “Sharpie” or indelible marker. The pro designer’s best friend). You’ll also learn these tips that will save you oodles of money in wasted wire: ✔ How to avoid dented, marred, scratched wire – The #1 reason your wire gets dented and dinged and why your colored wire gets scratched- and the simple rules you need to follow to avoid the problem in the first place. ✔ How to deal with soft wire that won’t hold it’s shape – Find out how to use a household tool you have in your house or apartment right now to instantly improve the strength of your loops – and in seconds! And what about tools? You’ll learn how to save money there too: ✔ How to make beautiful wire jewelry on a budget – Learn what tools NOT to buy right away, which to spend money on, and which ones you can skip altogether. And what you can use that probably already have

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