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k2, spice, incense, fake weed, JWH-018, chemical induced high?

k2, spice, incense, fake weed, JWH-018, chemical induced high?

Ok I have been smoking this s*h*i**t** and I am telling you I get STONED! My botfriend and I are concerned. If this drug/ chemical compound is created to gives us the effects of marijuana- Are the side effects the same as marijuana???

Or is it really a trip? Are these chemicals really ACTUALLY causing us to believe or hallucinate that we are high. It seems so un natural…. Comments

Just wanted to open a discussion on it… Please tell me your experiences or thought on it…????

This morning I had two nightmares… The first woke me up at 5:30 am. Then I tried going back to sleep at 8 moments after I decided to take a hit. I woke up to another nightmare. Its like if I go to sleep with it still in effect I wake up to a nightmare.
any bad experiences? i have been smoking it everyday… and i smoke it like i would hydro…do you think it causes any more serious effects the weed???
It def. gives me the munchies!! lol

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