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Lapis value of the collection

Lapis value of the collection


Lapis value of the collection

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone wholesaler, the color blue opaque stone with little macular lot like Bits of Gold, also known as “blue gold.” This stone was often dense block, color is divided into blue, sky blue, purplish blue and light green and blue color.

Lapis lazuli as early as 6,000 years ago Jibei Central Asian countries develop the use of the Western Han Dynasty began in China, called as “Blue Red”, “King Chi,” “Golden,” “Point Dai” and so on. In ancient China, lapis lazuli was used to create multi-device demeaning the emperor’s burial, and therefore, “its color blue, the road to reach heaven, it is used” records. Lapis lazuli “skin-deep as the sky” days, so the Ming and Qing emperors weight lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli became a power, a status symbol. To the Qing Dynasty, Lapis was given more meaning, its use has been limited, clearly defined, “Prince, eldest son of, Dukes, Baylor is the wife and four items on the official title of lapis lazuli towards crown.”

Lapis lazuli ancient Chinese people have also referred to as “dark blue star stones,” it made research into the go-to Miaomei cosmetics, but also to do with its powder painting pigments. Dunhuang frescoes in the blue paint on the use of lapis lazuli to do, although after thousands of years, the color is still very bright. But in history, the most competent or as lapis lazuli carving and inlay jewelry crafts, such as bottles, stoves, boxes, mountain child, people, animals, snuff bottles, beads, pull that, Ling tubes, rings, necklace, or put it in the film on with pearls and fitted in a screen for decoration.

Overseas, the ancient Greek and Roman times to the Renaissance, lapis lazuli was often research into powder, made of blue pigment used in painting on luxury. In medieval Europe, decorated manuscript in vogue, gemstone supplier more and more exquisite decorative arts, and gorgeous. Monks to lapis lazuli into powder, and beeswax, rosin, hemp seed oil mixing, kneading made of groups, with the book’s decoration. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that lapis lazuli has the mysterious power of the powder used to treat depression, lapis lazuli and some other diseases.

Lapis lazuli yield less, hardness, color dignified, easy-carving, jade has maintained a reputation is a valuable process sculpture materials, mostly small pieces of work seen. Scarce, expensive and mysterious quiet temperament, decided the honorable position of lapis lazuli. It is the gem of the aristocracy, so much for the royal lapis products and unique high-brow, civil extremely rare. Are kept in the National Palace Museum’s two thousand pieces of jade in the Qing Tibet, lapis lazuli carving less than 100 collections.

Son of the mountain carving knife bold simplicity, and skills skill, lifelike characters, animals, vivid, natural and vivid scenery. Shrine rocks on the top left of the inscription engraved on the Qianlong Emperor, said: “A royal title will be up to His Holiness the 16th Arhat Zambia: engine by the stick of incense, support foot is able to forget the two on a fillip, Guan for like and watch true copy Peng, yellow bamboo, trillion incarnation. ” china jewelry supplier .

Materials throughout the great mountain child, exquisite carving, color of the green quiet, pure texture, preservation of integrity, commendable, and more praise of Emperor Qianlong imperial poems, non-ordinary people can and. Deduced that the mountain child may be things Royal. If so, gemstone wholesalers to increase the treasures even more mystery. This one called Treasures of art made of why and how did it fall into the private sector, all need further investigation and study.


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