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LED marijuana grow

LED marijuana grow

I constructed this slide show video of a legal, physician recommended and state registered grow in an attempt to provide a specific community of people an idea of what LED lighting can achieve when growing cannabis. This is for comparative purposes. Lights used in this grow are 2x 180w Illuminator Jumbo UFO’s (360w total) manufactured by ProSource Worldwide Inc. My personal experience started out using fluorescent lighting and within 2 grows i converted my lighting to a combination of 400w – 1000w MH and HPS, respectively. As you can see in this video, I am pleasantly surprise to how well LED’s perform. However, I am in no way suggesting any person should convert to LED lighting. They are in fact inferior to HID lighting as they produce lighter, smaller buds and plants but they are at the same time Superior to Fluorescent lighting as they produce better results than I have ever seen with a rough comparison in wattage. These lights provide less electricity used and a lot less heat created for those with power consumption / heat issues to worry about, Compact design, Better for the veg cycle (more branches), No noise, Plugs into normal wall outlet (no ballast required). However, some con’s are PRICE! ($700 each… Come on.), Less yield at harvest, Not a good choice for the flowering cycle (smaller lighter buds), Untrue comparisons to HIDs in the advertisements and literature. The claim is that one 180w UFO (used in this grow) will replace the 400w HID. But in this case, TWO

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