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Legal Questions And Answers

Legal Questions And Answers

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Should the age of having sex increase and the age of driving? as the age of cigarettes, school leaving age hasif you start secondary school now you stay until you are 18. so in theory the legal age should increase, with the age of drinking. This is a very complicated, layered subject. First of all, the legal age.Should the legal age for voting be changed to 16?if your expected to work and pay taxes at 16 then why arnt you allowed to vote No. People at this age are in the realms of desire, not many are aware of politics. I don’t think many 16 year olds would vote anyway – they would rather have.Should the legal limit for abortions be lowered?Im doing an assigment at college on abortions about should the legal limit be lowered, does anyone know where i can get some information on this from please. no it should not be lowered – Im tired of this issue. I dont want to take a stance on it. If individuals.Should Undocumented immigrants living in the us be entitled 2 the same legal protections as american citizens? What’s the point of citizenship, then? Oh, that’s right, we pay taxes. – You mean ILLEGAL immigrants? No, they should have no rights in this country. – No just no, but hell no. – No. – Heck No! – No because.Should we change citizenship status?Should we change the guaranteed right to be a citizen if you are born in the US. Should it be only if your parents are citizens or if they are here legally. Should people born here only be given legal status to be here but not out and out citizenship. If we were to.Should we just give Immigrates citizenship?or send em back and have the people do it legally? Illegals should be sent back and forced to enter via legal means or, maybe even not at all since they have already proved that they care less about our laws anyway. – yes..if they have been here long enough to were there.Should weed be legalized? I agree, Weed should be legal! That way we can regulate it, and imagine all the jobs that will come out of this. And by the way, Alcohol is a 100 times more dangerous and deadly then Marijuana. – no – No the last thing we need is people becoming braindead losers. – No..Should you be able to legally beat the hell out of someone?Like if you walk into your wife or girlfriend cheating on you, is it really unreasonable to give the guy legal rights to beat the hell out of the guy? Maybe even through the bi through a window or something? I mean if I were on a.Shouldn’t Prostitution be legal?If a woman truely has the right to decide what she wants to do with her body then why can she be a prostitute? If a woman gets pregnant she can have an abortion because its her body and it should be her decision. So if you have 2 consenting adults making a decision to.Since abortion is legal.?Shouldn’t we legalize such crimes as rape and murder? After all people commit them anyway, and isn’t that one of the left’s most popular reasons for abortion? People claim it is about a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body. Well, that is a GREAT argument.for plastic surgery, birth control, even (God.Single mom court ordered to pay support.can’t find legal helpin mn sd..?need free advice on what to do You need to make an appeal to the higher court. Your question is not clear. – If the child is with his father, you have to pay 17% of your income in child support for one child (and 25% for.So Paris will get away with it? I hope not. If she does Arnie will be a laughing stock, her parents supposedly donated a ton of money to his campaign fund. It will also add to the joke of a legal system they have in California. where money counts and justice suffers.(OJ, Robert Blake, etc.) If this was.Someone owes me money and wont pay – what can I do?This lad owes me money – 拢500. The law cant be involved because what I sold him were not legal good’s. Usually I would use strength and violence to force him to pay but I know this wont work. I’m in a position where if I appear.Sould poor people stealing to feed themselves from starving be justified?For example in the book Les Miserables Jean Valjean Pure necessity is a legal bar to criminal conviction in many states.if you can show you would have died or been near death had you not stolen the cheeseburger. – yes they should. Even jean Valjean recognized that he.Spying on emploees by employers in their private homes?I have read the answers of a question is it legal emploer to spy on emploee in the work place. Obviously this is somethink common nowdays. My question is: Is it legal if an employer installs ‘bugs’ and hidden camers in emploee’s home? If the employer is smart enough he.Statutory Rape?Is it true that they have gotten rid of the statutory rape law. and it is now all considered rape?? No. Are you planning to give some to an old man? – No – Many people get confused by the terminology used. In a legal sense it is all rape. The term statutory comes from the fact.Stuck on another business law case study!!?!??!?!?Yep it’s me again! Please help me out on this one! John, a 17 year old student who looks much older ,orders $1500.00 worth of food for an end-of-VCE party. The food is duly delivered and consumed and John refuses to pay. What are the legal rights of the food supplier? I.Subpoena help.?I need to subpoena documents (photographs) from someone elses insurance company since they will not provide me with this information. These photographs will prove my case. I went to the legal records for the circuit court and they told me to talk to the secretary of the judge. I did that and she told me that they.Suicide or lawyer?i seriously need an attorney for a brain injury that is causing me some legal troubles in my eveyday life.i live in michigan right on the border of wisconsin.i am having legal trouble in wisconsin and michigan.legal trouble meaning,contempt of court,bill collectors,missing important appointments.i have no sences of time or planning.and many other medical issues from.Surely mandatory child support payments are illegal when only the mother chooses whether or not to abort?Are an unwilling father’s human rights being breached? how is it permissable in a DEMOCRACY?. I completely agree! My boyfriend is paying for a child he wanted aborted. I think there should be some legal document that a man should sign when.Sweepstakes i dont remember entering!?I got notice i won 67,000 dollars and i have recieved my first payment of 4800 dollars in check. are there any possible legal ramifications from this? Try and cash the check. – Send me the check, I’ll get to the bottom of this scam! – Be careful, it sounds like a scam to.Taking legal action against my neighbours!?I live next door to a half way house which is owned by the cyrenians and for the last 6 years i have had to put up with abuse from yhem music all through the night them threatening to rob my house and when i ring the cyrenians they dont do nothing about.Tenant Eviction, lease on agreement?I have an agreement with my tenant that after the expiry of the lease agreement, either we may renew the lease or get it vacated. I am a resident of India. The term has finished and I wish to get it vacated. I have given them legal notice also. I wish to know that.Terminating parental rights?i am waiting on a respose for legal aide to see if they will help me terminate my daughters fathers legal rights. He is currently serving a seven year prison sentence for violence drug manufacturing stolen guns etc. He has never supported her financially whatsoever after years of trying to get chils support. He has four.Texas Driving Age Limit?I’ve heard rumors that they were going to change the Texan legal driving age to 18, and that you couldn’t get your license until then. Is that true? I’m not interested in other states, just Texas. Also, if this is true, when can you get your permit? Please help me! I would contact the Texas.Texas front license plate, where may i put it to be legal? on the grill my car overheats and theres no space?ok its one of those painted, but not only does it look very nasty there, also theres not really space on the window am i good? i leave it infront of the grill but it overheats the.

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