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Legal Questions & Answers

Legal Questions & Answers

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Random Versus #1: Guns vs. Abortion?If you, as an American or as a foreigner with an opinion on the USA, could choose between strict(and I mean STRICT) gun controls, or fully endorsed, legal abortion, which would you pick? Isn’t abortion legal in the US?? That’s a crime also (not abortion itself, the fact that a woman doesn’t have.Rape vs Molest?I want to know the legal difference between rape and molest. Please do not respond unless you know how the law defines this. I have looked up the definitions but that is no help with what the difference is. Please cite sources if possible. Thank you. I suspect that, in most states, the elements of the.Rapist rights?Should a convicted rapist who fathers a child with his victim be able to fight for rights of said offspring? Considering that the rapist would probably be in jail until the child is of legal age, (And if he isn’t he should be), I think the point is moot. – I’d hate to be the judge on.Recently I had court. Decision was made to give me custody.?I have a paper stating I have been awarded full,physical,& legal custody of my twins & no further action will be taken by the court on the custody complaint.The boyfriend got his $600 dollars in exchange to sign off his legal rights.He has picked up the check,signed the.Restraining order question?i want to know all the legal procedures that i have to go threw in details if im going to go threw with it! is there a court fee and if they have to hear person that i want the restraining order side from too? usually a restraining order has a life of a number of.Rule of law or Custom and Tradition?Should the Rule of Law be replaced with Custom & Tradition since the legal system is a broken system? I am a fan of the Civil Law system that puts more emphasis on custom and tradition than our Common Law system, but it is difficult to define what custom and tradition is..School says that because i broke the unwritten ‘no hoods on’ rule, i cant wear a sweatshirt at all anymore?Is that legal? it’s cold! in the morning it’s hardly to 40degrees. yes, i had warning. a couple. they just said ‘take your hood off’. this rule is not written anywhere- it only says you can’t wear one INSIDE..Shooting real pigeons in the UK?Hi, I was just wondering if its still legal to shoot pigeons last time I read up on it, they were classed as vermin and you could shoot them provided you had landowners permission, if I remember correctly. Does anyone have any links or info regarding the law regarding shooting animals in england..Shoud Divorce be illegal when children are involved?I have never met a child that was glad there parents were getting a divorce. Some later in life accepted the divorce, but were unhappy at the time. I think that only when a parent is violent and harming the child should divorce be legal – in that case the parent.Should 2 (or more) Straight People of the same sex be allowed to get married?Why not? Practically and legally speaking if same sex marriage is allowed. I ask seeing as that there is no legal ‘gay’ test or set of qualifications for sexual orientation status in our society. Therefore ‘gay marriage’ and it’s marriage benefits, would apply to.Should a country legalized fire arms/weapons?whether you are agree or disagree, if u can please provide a link or more information about it. thankz=) I think they should be legal..Because the ‘bad guys’ are going to have weapons whether they are legal or not, and the innocent people wouldnt be able to protect themselves from the ‘bad guys’.Should a driver at fault that causes someone to have a miscarriage be charged with manslaughter?Even though abortion is legal in that state/country (so technically killing a fetus is not homicide or murder). What if the driver was driving under the influence? Abortion is about personal choice. If someone causes you to miscarry then they have taken away.Should a thirteen 13 yo be allowed to seek and obtain medical treatment without her parent’s knowledge?If Yes please state why, and the other way aorund. Thank you. No, A 13 year old is still a minor. A parent should be involved in all medical treatment. – No. Their parents are their legal guardians and should know everything.Should abortion be legal or illegal?why? Abortion is murder. Murder should be illegal. Unless the life of the mother is at stake, in which case I guess it’s OK to kill one person in order to save another. Roe v. Wade was ridiculous from both a moral and constitutional perspective. The constitution says absolutely nothing about medical procedures,.Should abortion be Legal?Ok, first of all, Democrats want abortion to be legal, why? Why would anyone want to kill an innocent living being? Sure, it’s still a fetus, but it has a soul, it is a living being! How can these people get away with this murder?! Yeah Yeah you can give excuses like. ‘Oh, she’s just.Should alcohol be illegal?Should alcohol be illegal and marijuana be legal? Think of it. Marijuana is less harmful to the body. So it made me think, why isnt it beer thats illegal rather than marijuana? At the present time the Government is not in a position to collect marijuana tax, or it definitely would. Beer is highly taxed.Should America be tried for breaches of human rights for their treatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.?Given that the prisoners are subjected to psychological and physical abuse, are deprived of human dignity and legal status and are held for prolonged periods without being charged with any crime does this not constitute a form of torture and a.Should an 18 year old be considered a sex offender for talking dirty to a 16 year old on the internet? Yes because they are soliciting someone under the legal limit into to talking in detail about sexual encounters. Where does that person stop. they keep talking for a bit of time then he is trying to meet.Should cannabis be decriminalised?I mean, its never killed anyone? It free from the earth and costs nothing to grow? How can alcohol be legal and MJ not when alcohol causes thousands of deaths worldwide every year? Comments? I think it should be legalized. Anything can be abused and used for the wrong purposes – and used too much!.Should cannabis be legalised?do you think that cannabis should be legalised? if yes, why? if no, why? Yes cos it causes less problems than booze in my opinion. And too matey above me, no 1 has ever died from smokin it. Look it up – NO , IT KILL’S – ALL drugs should be legal. Freedom of Choice.Should cockfighting remain legal in Louisiana?http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles.legal Absolutely not! – I live in Louisiana and I say no. But it is a state issue and not a Federal one. – No.those goobers need to learn to keep it in their pants! – No, but cuckolding should. – Well, I am from the south (kentucky) and I.Should gay couples be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals in adopting children? I think whoever wants to adpot should be able to adopt. If you can pass all the tests and stuff they make you go through, then who is to say who can and cannot adopt. Someone else wrote that when they are given up.Should I stay or quit?I work in the legal field as a support staff. I have been with my employer for almost a year, I have two degrees and am currently working on a certificate to secure a more challenging position and/or get compensated with pay. I report to two attorneys. One is older, wise and takes the.Should illegal imigrants be entitled to social security ?I perosnaly dont think they should , i think we already have to many legal citizens milking the system , we dont need illegals who have never paid in getting any benifets, i know for a fact that they areletting illegals get food stamps and medicade now as we speak.Should it be legal for the military to use war games to induce young people to join?If cigarette companies cannot use cartoons to promote products, should the military be able to use cool war games on their sites to encourage them to join? I think it it wrong for the military to create a clean way of killing.Should marijuana be legal for medical and personal use (restricted like alcohol and cigarettes)? In my opinion, in a free country, you can’t have laws designed to protect people from themselves. You can’t have big brother and freedom at the same time. – No. and this is why. I would be OK flying in a plane with a.Should minors (younger than 18 yrs old) enjoy free speech rights?The first amendment of our constitution establishes free speech, but does and should, this apply to persons who are not of ‘legal age’? Shouldn free speech be a right of those who are also resposible for what they say. Are there any established legal opinions on this matter?.Should physician assisted suicide be legal? Yes. I don’t want some radical Christian punk telling my family they can’t turn of the machines because it’s a sin. Grow a brain, we’re animals and why would you want to keep some one alive who has no chance of recovering? – no. – It is legal where I live, OREGON.Should Prostitution be illegal?Keep prostitution illegal and keep the S.T.D’s, rapes and murders or legalize prostitution, regulate it and ilmenite most of the diseases and crime. What do you think would be better? no – The criminalization of prostitution corresponds directly with women’s suffrage. There is no way prostitution will ever be legal again unless women were to.Should prostitution be legal?I think it should. I mean, if a guy could just go pay a woman to have sex, it would highly decrease the rate in rapes. That is, assuming most guys rape girls because they ‘are lonely’. Because then they could ‘get some’ anytime they wanted. What do you think? I think it should be.Should smoking be illegal or legal?well im doing a debate . & i need some help .. please and thankyou =] I think it should be banned in restaurants, and places where kids activities are held, ie little league fields, basketball courts, playgrounds. – LEGAL – smoking anything should be legal – Legal – its personal choice, we.

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