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Legalize marijuana: it’s healthier than food approved by the FDA

Legalize marijuana: it’s healthier than food approved by the FDA

What I wish I had thought to say when I was making the video: My initial decision to become a vegetarian over five years ago, and my subsequent decision to remain that way, has been based on extensive, in depth research of the food and meat industries. My main point is that the FDA refuses to legalize marijuana, whose health risks are seriously overestimated, and yet, its legislative membrane is as thin as tissue paper, in that it ushers virtually any product onto the market, so long as it is convenient for the status quo. I complain about labels and regulations because they do not serve their purpose, that is, to assist the consumer in making healthy, well informed decisions about what to put into their bodies. The heads of these large corporations hire lawyers to create labels that flirt dangerously with the parameters of the law- these labels are meaningless, misleading, and worded as loosely as possible. In addition, the FDA does an extremely poor job of enforcing pre-existing regulations, and does an even worse job at formulating new ones. Did you know that herbs, which are becoming increasingly significant as holistic and alternative medicinal approaches grow in popularity, have absolutely no regulations or guidelines? In reality, the FDA has no safety testing requirements. Instead, they rely on research conducted by large, greedy food companies that has been meticulously designed to favor the products of the company in question. There are many books dedicated to

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