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Legalize Marijuana…

Legalize Marijuana…

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next… Legalizing marijuana. Barack Obama had some kind of town hall meeting on the computer the other day. The number one question people asked Barack Obama is, Will you legalize marijuana? Why do people want it legalized? So they can tax it. Regulate it. Decriminalize it, so we can get some of these people who are sitting in jail right now being payed for by taxpayer money out of there because they really didn’t commit a crime. What was Barack Obamas answer? No! Absolutely not! Are you freaking kidding me?! Barack Obama has probably smoked more weed in his lifetime than Tommy Chong. The guy did freaking cocaine for god’s sake! Bill Clinton smoked weed. George Bush did cocaine! and these people don’t want to legalize drugs? You gotta be kidding me! Let me tell you something… ALL drugs in this country should be legal! If you commit a crime while on drugs, you should be prosecuted for the crime. But NOT for doing drugs! If some guy can hangout all night smoking weed, watching tv wake up in the morning a go to work. Why should that be considered a crime? If some guy can snort cocaine. Go out to a freaking club. Dance, sing, have a great tim then get up in the morning make himself breakfast and wash his car. Why should that be considered a crime? It shouldn’t!! if you commit murder while on cocaine, you should be arrested for murder. But NOT for doing cocaine. if you beat somebody up while smoking weed, you should be arrested for assault

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