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Legalized Marijuana?

Legalized Marijuana?

According to government estimates there are about 28 million regular users of marijuana in the United States. Although marijuana is illegal in most countries it is the most commonly used drug of choice for many people. Marijuana use has become so widespread that won movement to legalize and regulate the material traction and the support of the population of many people. should Here are some of the pros and cons of the legalization of Marihuana.Praktisch all supporters of the legalization of marijuana agree to some regulation of the drug because of their dangerousness. Many people compare marijuana to alcohol and tobacco and advise similar restrictions as the fabrics. Others suggest even more taxation and regulation by the medical industry will limit the use of marijuana for “medical purposes”. There are some states, like Montana, which have already passed or are considering lifting restrictions against Marihuana.Die opponents of the legalization of marijuana out that in 2004, when the law makes Montana passed “drugs marijuana was” it “approved 119 patients over the status of medical marijuana registry. ” Today there are 11,000. This dramatic increase, 3,000 of which is only since January 2010, buttresses the serious concerns of the people who are concerned that the legalization of marijuana for medical use only the number of people increases depending on the contrary Substanz.Unterstützer of marijuana, that it is not a drug of addiction. Listverse recently declared that “there is nothing in cannabis (marijuana) that causes physical dependence.” But the National Institute of Drug Abuse does not agree and says that marijuana may be the cause of “irregularities, heart, lung problems and addiction.” One of the most common arguments for the legalization of marijuana is no medical value. Surprisingly, a simple economic argument. This argument says that marijuana should be legalized “are, so it reduces the workload of the police, who can concentrate on other crimes, and it could also be many jobs which do not currently have not by creating an industry of commercial producers and manufacturers.” The idea of legalization of marijuana so it can be taxed and controlled is a very attractive solution for many MPs struggling to balance budgets. California introduced a bill that in 2009 a tax on marijuana growers, wholesalers and retailers would place. The bill would add an estimated 13 billion dollars a year to the state coffers. This has in the “Cannabis Tax-2010” initiative to go on the ballot in May of this year if enough signatures are collected on. The question remains, however, control and taxation of marijuana is the best solution? Should marijuana be legalized?

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