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Lexapro Questions And Answers

Lexapro Questions And Answers

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Lexapro and dizziness? I take 5 mg of lexapro. This is my second day of taking it. I also take Advair twice a day for my asthma, Nexium once a hours of daylight for my frequent heartburn, and a woman’s multi-vitamin every morning. Today while standing, I got really faint and had to sit down for a while. What is this about? – …Lexapro and Seroquel? I Use To Take 400 Mg Of Seroquel And It Makes You Drowsy And You Space Out Alot! Oh And Its Hard To Wake Up In The Morninng! I was on lexapro for a while but never seroqual. The lexapro did wonder for me. I too am not a fan of medication but when you need it you need it.Lexapro and sexual side affects.? I am taking lexapro and I am experiencing decreased sexual side effects. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of these side effects while taking Lexapro? – I take generic Wellbutrin SR (150 mg) in the morning, and Lexapro (10 mg) next to dinner, for depression and anxiety. I’ve been taking that for…LEXAPRO and teens and freight… please back me!? i recently started lexapro as. today acutally. i am 14 and have an eating disorder, and im terified that im going to gain weight. i really want to loose and own an appitiete loss. please let me know ANYTHING you can!!! thanks in advance! i’ve been on lexapro since i was fourteen (i’m seventeen now) and…Lexapro and weightiness gain? I posted a question last night about lexapro and cargo gain. I’ve gotten so many different answers. I’ve come to the realization that unless you eat like a cow on ANY med, you won’t gain weight. I don’t see how a pill can be paid you gain weight unless you’re laying around consuming calories. Everyone is different and each medication is…Lexapro bill symptoms,are these common…? I stopped taking my lexapro about 4 days ago,i’m on it for anxiety and undertones of depression,but when i got off of it i become kinda violent and i would yell at people and get irritated at the smallest things,be these normal withdrawal effects?I took it tonight btw. Yes, those are normal withdrawal effects. If you’re going to stop…Lexapro does not work for me? Zoloft worked back…? I have been taking lexapro for 3 months now… started out good But after stopped working, bumped it to 15 did not work, took 20 had a panic attack of some sort If I take Zoloft will it work for me again like it did until that time? I hold been on zoloft and…Lexapro is suspose to be an updated copy of prozac so if I’m taking lexapro for anxiety/panic and it? stops working does that mean prozac won’t work? plus I gained a lot of weight on lexapro and I own also tryed cymbalta i know prozac is cheap but not sure if it will help if i’m already taking the updated version – …Lexapro missed doses? I recently got back from a vacation on which forgot to bring my lexapro. Now, after 4 days of not taking it, im foreboding very jolty and dizzy. Should I start taking my full dose again (20mg), or should I wean back onto it? and how long will it take for the full effect to start again? Like that first person said…Lexapro Seroquel And Marijuana? When I was 15, i took 20 mg lexapro. 150 mg seroquel and smoked weed every few days. Can this cause permanant damage? TAhere was a time when i thought i be hearing things and i always thought ppl were talking in the order of me. Things are getting a bit better tho. What caused the paranoid thinking…(I was Not high…Lexapro sudden side effect? I’ve been on 15mg of lexapro for a year, and I started to change the time of day I take the medication from morning to dark and all of a sudden in the last month I have a fancy not so much dizzy, but that feeling you get when you stop short in car mildly and surrounded by waves…has this happened…Lexapro VS Wellbutrin XL? i just switched from name brand lexapro to generic wellbutrin xl, my doc said it should successfully help me lose my last 20 lbs. i’ve be holding onto for like 5 years. has anyone else out there had any nouns with wellbutrin xl (generic). i want your likes and dislikes, time frames, all the info you have on the drug, result…My friend took 5 .5 mg Xanax and 3 10 mg lexapro. Is this a unwholesome combination.? She said her stomach hurts a little. She cant handle her emotions and thought it would numb her. Not the best choice but its done now. Any aid guys? Thank you for your time. Because of the amount of extra medication ingested, I would…My psychiatrist is thinking of taking me past its sell-by date of Lexapro…? and told me to research other meds for myself. Can you tell me what you are taking for depression, and your experience with it? The Lexapro has been making me grain sick to my stomach for two months. I had minor depression for a good chunk of 2007 and took lexapro…My psychiatrist prescribed geodon, lexapro, and klonapin, for my most up-to-date cocktail, any one own duplicate mixtur? No, but I have been on each of them at different times. Been on something of that nature. Geodon nor lexapro worked for me though. Watch for side effects. i am still on geodon. i was on all of those. but the lexapro caused…My son took lexapro and vodka and be slightly fierce afterwards is this adjectives? Dont take it with vodka, it could cause seroius liver damage resulting contained by death. Make sure if he drinks its at the opposite time, like if he takes it contained by the morning dont drink till at least a few hours later. Talk to the doctor about this. Pills…Pepto bismol and lexapro? is it safe to mix peptol bismol and a 10 mg dosage of lexapro? i just started taking the lexapro tonight and i can’t sleep because the nausea is distracting and severely uncomfortable. thanks! – There is an interaction between Lexapro (escitalopram) and Pepto Bismol (bismuth subsalicylate). Lexapro increases the likelihood of gastrointestinal bleeding when administered with…Poll: Did you gain or lose consignment on Lexapro ? I lost 15 lbs. and i stopped taking it for a week. and i gained it alllll back, and have a bad headache and lead swooshing.so i started taking it again today and feel normal.skinny jeans here i come. what about u?? No problem for me. No weight gain or loss taking lexapro. No…Question in the region of xanax and lexapro? what could happen if i took any of those pills (and i don’t need them)? – I don’t know about the xanax, but it takes Lexapro from 4 to 6 weeks to fully work. So, a short time ago taking it once or twice wouldn’t do much for you. Source(s): I take generic Wellbutrin…Seroquel making me kinda sleepy and mellow? My lexapro, for 8 months seems to be losing it’s effectiveness. Psychiatrist gave me Seroquel as an add on. I own been having panic and anxiety attacks, and massive headaches. Anyone own experience ith Seroquel? Seroquel can receive us sleepy. I take 200 mg at bedtime to help me sleep. Talk to your doctor about…Should i buy the brand moniker drugs or generic i hold insurance my meds are bupropion sr, risperidone, lexapro? just wanted which would be better for me i dont care about the cost. Buy the brand that has been prescribed for you, don’t cut corners where on earth your health is concerned. here is a support site with doctors and groups… ask your doctor…Should i start taking lexapro again? Absolutly, if it worked for you you should definitely consider going back on it…feeling of apathy is much better than a feeling of depression/suicidal…I’m currently taking 20mg per year for my anxiety and it’s working very well; however, I think you should definitely see a counsler approaching I did as well along with the medication…trust me, it works!…Side effects from Lexapro? Im taking lexapro for social anxiety and nervous tremors Im only on my second day but it seems resembling its making everything worse. I know that it takes a few weeks for it to work but since Im already feeling the effects now. Will the effects Im having move about away in a few weeks or should I stop? Id ask…

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