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Superthrive anabolics Yes or NO by cannabis plants, follow the test on hennepdesk.eu. Bloom day number 58 / 58 ____HARVESTING !!!!! The boxes whit a orange label we will give every second day extra anabolic and the boxes without orange label not. Result : The plant whit anabolics are more powerful. Perhaps its by accident but for sure there is no disadvantage to give anabolics to cannabis plant. Be continue Tested on hennepdesk.eu the best grow info on the internet Room specification: Grow room aria 5,1 M2 Workroom whit electricity aria 1,2 M2. Air input 1500 M3 Air output 2500 M3 Carbon filter 100 cm Light: 7 x 600 Watt HPS Heating : 4 x 800 Watt Feeding tank: 1000 liter under the Grow room. Feeding system: ebb and tide Bloom day 58 / 58 harvesting time

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