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Look Good, Feel Great In Women’s Designer Clothing

Look Good, Feel Great In Women’s Designer Clothing

Our clothes for us without us needing to open our mouths. Women’s designer clothing has been keen to note this as created designs are the epitome of style and are a subconscious statement of our thoughts. From paying attention to current trends to totally reinventing previous trends and still remaining relevant.

Fashion versus Function

Clothes are not just about being warm but about making a statement and creating an impression about ourselves. The risk of sacrificing fashion for function runs high most often when one does not pay particular attention to how one looks and thinking of the image that one wants to portray. While most designs presented on the catwalk may seem a little too creative for everyday wear, there are fashionable clothes out there that are a little more accommodating!

Just as there are different activities and occasions, there are designer clothes to suit every individual. Be it a wedding, dinner, trips to the beach, sports, business, a party or even for just an ordinary day indoors.

Keeping an eye on the weather..

The weather plays a big part in helping decide what to wear. In winter of course, the need to keep warm is important. If it’s raining, you’ll want to keep dry. And in summer, you’ll want to the body breathe and get kissed by the sun.

Color Me…

Colors, of course, are an important aspect of women’s designer clothing. From the more subtle colors like black, white, brown or grey to louder colors like yellow, green and orange and to richer colors like purple and red.

It is essential to know how to layer the various color combinations. One may choose monochrome where black, white and grey are used or the more subtle colors which seem safer. If for an attention grabbing number, louder colors can be used but one must be careful what colors are used as they may totally clash.

Carbon Footprint

Just like most items, women’s designer clothes run the risk of contributing to the already big carbon footprint. To avoid this trend, more natural fibers like silk, cotton, wool, hemp and straw are used. Natural dyes are also used in achieving the various colors and fabric designs. Recycling fabrics like denim also go a long way to achieve this cause.

Yours Fashionably

While most women prefer to play it safe with fashion for the sake of avoiding embarrassment, you can select items that let you feel comfortable and in your element. Going over the edge does not always work for everyone. Try something new every once in a while without overwhelming yourself.

Items that embrace this approach can be found on www.Boutiquelafleur.com. The women’s designer clothing on offer, is both fashionable and functional, ranging from board room look to the beach all the while guaranteeing looking chic. There will be a new found confidence in yourself as you look trendy and feel equally great.


Nina Layfette is a professional writer for boutiquelafleur.com. For a range of modern and stylish designer womens clothes and fashionable and chic ranges visit http://boutiquelafleur.com

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