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Make Your Own Skydive Necklace

Make Your Own Skydive Necklace

Many people often ask me if I can make custom jewelry for them and unfortunately I have to say “no”. I used to make custom necklaces but it was very difficult to manage all the custom orders and still keep prices low. What I decided to do for dzpins.com was to create a vast selection of cool necklaces that could be worn by anybody. However, if you still want your own custom touch, all is not lost. I will give you the resources that you need to be able to make your own closing pin necklace. It will definitely be more expensive for you but you will have a perfectly unique necklace that nobody else will have. The first thing that you are going to need is the closing pin. These are only about 2 bucks through any drop-zone or skydiving gear retailer. I usually buy mine through Square One Parachutes. Next you are going to have to decide what type of necklace you are looking to create. I usually find it helpful to look through Google images to get some ideas. For instance, you could just search for “hemp necklace” or “mens necklace” and you will get plenty of results to get your head flowing with ideas. If you are doing a hemp necklace, I would suggest doing another Google search to see how to tie the different knots to make them. What you will need next is a good supplier for all the other materials that you will need. I like to go through Fire Mountain Gems. They have good prices and thousands of options to choose from. I find it helpful to look through their “gallery of designs” which shows pictures of all kinds of different necklaces that you can make and the materials that you need to buy in order to make them. They even have tutorials of how to put them together.

After you order all your necessary materials, all you need to do is make the necklace according to your liking and then attach a closing pin in the middle. You can use anything to attach it, I used to use gunmetal fishing spinners but you can use anything really. There are plenty of things available that you can buy that are used to attach a pendant to a necklace.

Once you have ordered all the materials that you have chosen to use, the whole project should take you about an hour. Unless of course you chose a hemp design, those ones are a little more labor intensive and are easy to mess up. Making a closing pin necklace is a blast and is a good way to show off your personality so if you are looking for a good weekend project, this would be perfect. Have Fun!

In fact, apart from the necklaces being unique and different from others, its quality is too good since the material that is used to make it is of superior quality. These fanciful necklaces make you stand out in the crowd.

When I first started I was mainly focused on making a cool guy necklace but now I offer plenty of designs that cater to both men and women.

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