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marijuana and cocaine?

marijuana and cocaine?

ok ive been doing marijuana for about 12 years now. im a doctor of pharmacy and is currently again in school to major in philosophy. but my point is different. if i can do all that when im high off of ganja then whats the problem with it? i mean the state of california made it legal for a reason right? its not like its addictive or anything; and its actually safe to smoke it now since we have vaporizers now days. only about 1/4 of the ppl i know can tell i do it because they do it too. from what i have accomplished while on the “plant” not “drug”. whats so bad about it?

on the other hand i notice a lot of ppl around my age with money turns into cocaine sniffing dumbasses. im a pharmacist and i know what, & how cocaine is made and used. but to thank god i have never tried it and never will. the reason this bothers me is because one of my ex-friends said to me ” whats so bad about snorting it? i mean u smoke… so why cant i snort? its not like its going to kill me?”
and what he said bothers me a lot. so i mean i just want to know the hard solid facts about why ppl do it?

the comparison from them 2 is a lot diff.
1 cocaine is a drug made from chemicals and coca leaves.
2 marijuana is a plant that u hang and dry out and smoke or vaporize or drink it as a tea.
3 a gram of marijuana is only 20 – 25 $$ compared to cocaine at 160-180 $$ a gram.

what gets these ppl started on it? it smells nasty and there’s really no advantages. they act all worried all the time and my ex-friends an example because his car dealership isnt selling cars lately and i think he’s goin bankrupt.
pardon my grammer, spelling, and run ons. i wasn’t in the mood

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