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marijuana and deja vu?

marijuana and deja vu?

so i started smoking weed when i was in about 9th grade, now im in 11th grade and still do.
one day, i was having bad stomach aches so i took 2 different types of stomach medicines for it, and right after that i smoked, thinking i had never heard it was bad to mix weed and medicine. however, after getting high, i didn’t feel right, i didn’t want to do anything, i was having Hardcore deja vu and everything my friends were saying i felt had been said before in a memory or that i just daydreamed one day before of the exact situation that was happening. then my friends suggested we stand up outside of our car to get some air, and once i stood up i passed out and i was told i was clawing at the ground and shaking, almost like seizing or something. then i woke back up, but later threw up too.
before that, weed has never made me have deja vu, but since then i have smoked like 5 or 6 times and each time i have hardcore deja vu and i dont like it. its like taking that medicine with the weed ruined my high for me!
anyone know if that is really what happened or any suggestions to how i can get it to stop or think more positively about it?
thank you!

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