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Marijuana and panic attacks – How marijuana can increase the chance of having a panic attack

Marijuana and panic attacks – How marijuana can increase the chance of having a panic attack

Could there be a chance that marijuana and panic attacks are related? In this brief article I wish to explain why smoking cannabis can raise the risk of having a panic attack and some of the solutions you can employ to decrease and stop them.Before I begin, I would like to say that I am not disapproving marijuana use, I believe people are free to live their own lives as they desire, I would like to help you though by stating the facts and risks associated with marijuana use.Cannabis is used by many for its calming and euphoric affect on the body and mind. It has also been advocated by health practioners to decrease pain, induce appetite and relieve stress. When it comes to anxiety disorders however, that is a different story.To get to the point, marijuana does indeed contribute to the liklihood of having a panic attack. Any kind of substance that has the power to alter the way the brain functions has the potential to escalate and amplify the frequency of experiencing some kind of anxiety attack, this includes alcohol, caffeine and smoking.The truth is, marijuana can induce paranoia, and paranoia can be one of the feelings a panic attack sufferer will feel. This in itself can lead to an anxiety attack very quickly, even if you were feeling calm earlier. The reason is because pot has the power to uncover sub conscious feelings towards the conscious part of the mind. Any insecure or fearful feelings you have deep rooted in your mind become far more visible, consequently creating a cycle of anxious emotions.How do you get rid of this problem? Many people do get pleasure from smoking marijuana and are hesitant to stop their activity any time soon. The best thing you can do if this you is to look at other areas of your lifestyle that you can improve, this can be things such as eating healthier, getting more exercise and reducing your stress levels by doing something you get pleasure from.More importantly,you need to get rid of the cause of your anxiety disorder. This will get rid of those underlying feelings for good and greatly decrease the risk associated with marijuana and panic attacks.

I believe no one needs to live with anxiety any more than they have to. If you are looking for some support and unique, natural ways on how to stop an anxiety attack, click here. Anxiety attacks can be stopped with persistance, determination and patience. I wish you the best of luck.

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