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Marijuana Law: Prop 215

Marijuana Law: Prop 215

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the U.S., it is shown as a negative by the government and the mainstream media. It has been called a gateway drug. What resources can lead the user in marijuana with harder substances like cocaine or heroin. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2004 estimated 14th 6 million Americans 12 years or older have tried the drug. This may be due to the fact that it is easy in almost every state are available, although they are attributed to illegal. Hans Henry Linger, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was a leading advocate against marijuana. Hans Linger claimed marijuana caused temporary insanity and people to commit violent crimes. He had an idea that the worst thing that ever was. Hans Linger helped establish that marijuana Tax Act 1937, of the substance illegal. Currently, research suggests that “heavy use of cannabis produces inflammation in the lining of the repertory system, including said before cancer.” Beltrame (2001), however, Dr. John Morgan in New York living pharmacologist and author of the book “Marijuana Myths, something else. He explains in his book Marijuana Myths: Marijuana Facts, that “have a number of anti-drug U.S. governments over the years worked to make the case against marijuana. Cannabis is not a big risk of cancer for the simple reason that the drug is not suitable for heavy continuous use, how doe’s tobacco, he says. Nor pot smokers develop emphysema appears, is the serious illness repertoire common in tobacco smokers (Beltrame 2001) marijuana near the bottom of all drugs while heroin is the most addictive. A survey of clinicians and researchers from the Psychology department at the University of California Southern carried out that caffeine and alcohol addiction as marijuana in higher rank. you do not see people robbing for a cup coffee. You may believe it is unlikely that someone would commit a crime marijuana habit to support. What do you see the crime in connection with drugs is strong. passed on 6 November 2007 the voters of Santa Cruz, the measure K would be adult marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority. Similar laws have been in West Hollywood, Oakland, Seattle , Denver has been passed on and. Those who can to support the measure, several reasons why it’s good for their city. Police spend countless hours of arrest marijuana offenders. arrested in 2005 police in Santa Cruz more than 270 non-violent adult marijuana users. Most have been cited and release. In California, 85% were convicted of the three strikes law does not perpetrators of violence. Instead of arresting a waste of resources and dealing with these non violent offenders, the police could concentrate on more serious problems within the city. As the gang activity, which is fast becoming a problem. It is quite clear that marijuana readily available within the United States. Instead ignorant to the question of how many. Moving forward in a positive way adjustment reforms to the drug is somewhat , each city should consider. On the contrary, there are many reasons, this measure can not be a perfect fit for the city. In the local newspaper several residents have their opposition expressed. Mike Bethke resident in the city center and father of two children said: “It sends the wrong message to our children and the rest of the country, Santa Cruz is a haven for those who are smoking pot. “It is possible that this measure could taint the image of the city in a negative way. Santa Cruz is an upscale community in Oceanside California Central Coast, the last thing he wants any type of identification is embedded as one of the residents previously expressed placed. The aim of the measure K as already mentioned to give the police more time and resources to fight crime in their town. Financing of the measure, which $ 70,000 was primarily an insurance broker from Peter Lewis, in the legalization of the drug believe, if totaled. It was gathered 3400 signatures of registered voters city. The lead eventually to measure the transfer of 60%. Increasing costs related to personnel court a greater police are coupled themes, many cities face. Cities like Madison Wisconsin as a model for the decriminalization of marijuana used. Within Dane County, those with less than 25 grams, not prosecuted, and only a fine catch. The fine is only $ 109 less than the pay of Fitchburg a neighboring city where the offender $ 1300 and must also appear in court. District Attorney Brian Branchard can be credited largely to the adoption of the regulation. He saw his congregation staffed with an understaffed and associated problems with alcohol and heroin. marijuana hardly posed a threat if the violent crimes such as sexual and physical assaults and murders that occur compared. Alaska is a state that charges no criminal penalties for those with personal use or for cultivation of marijuana (Gettman 1987). They base their claim to the state constitution allows the right to privacy. There are also more than a dozen other states that judges use discretion in dealing with marijuana cases (Gettman 1987) as well. The penalties range from a simple fine to imprisonment in some cases. As you can see marijuana Laws vary state to state, California has some of the liberal practices. Proposition 215 allows the use and sale of pharmaceutical products for medical marijuana. This practice is legal in California and eight other states. Eddy Lepp has been a particular interest in the drug first person arrested, tried and acquitted under Proposition 215th It includes the National Director of the Medical Marijuana Association (King 2003). Lepp is a legendary winery in the Bay Area. It provides a number of marijuana dispensaries in the region. “Twice a month Eddy organized for dozens of sick people with a doctor who understands the benefits of medical marijuana, to do justice. This gave him a special place in the eyes of locals and law enforcement “(King 2003). Eddy’s garden was soon searched by the FBI and submitted at the end no charges. He is now in a lawsuit to try, its property and restitution of the DEA. A group that has a particular interest in the drug WHAM (Women’s / Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana). Mike and Valerie Corral, the founders created a safe haven for sick patients to come together and grow their medicine. Unfortunately, in 2003 was searched the garden. 250 patients lost their medicine 85% of them were terminally ill. The crowd in Santa Cruz supports the Corral and the City Council voted, perceived to grow, the couple marijuana. U.S. Representative Sam Farr commented on the topic. He said: “The DEA should focus on more pressing suffering, faced with all the difficult problems of the world, I find it hard to believe that the DEA should continue to punish sick people, of which most are terminally ill, to arrest them and Kart them away to prison. This is truly scandalous. “It is a deep historical relationship between marijuana and society. The drug can be obtained in close connection with the ethnic minority. The Mexican farm workers the drug to relax after a hard day’s work in the fields. Charles A. Jones, Chief of Police Los Angeles, said that cannabis grows wild in Mexico. “In Louisiana, a predominantly African American region has been used marijuana early jazz musicians. Although it is debatable topic, most of the early marijuana laws were created to suppress the ethnic minority. Proof of this can be seen in the creation of the 1956 Narcotic Control Act, took the marijuana into the same category as heroin. It was a sentence of at least 2-6 years in Missouri and a second conviction could get your life. In today’s society, many people of Color “shun medical use of cannabis as support for or treatment of diseases because of social stigma and as a way of distancing themselves from stereotypical associations with cannabis.” (Sanchez) to see my relationship and perception of the substance since many the positive benefits first hand changed. There are many medical benefits of cannabis. My brother suffers from Crohn Crone, the inflammation of the intestine and affects a person’s ability to consume food. He has a lot of tests at Stanford University Hospital underwent seeking advice from many doctors. None of the remedies or traditional methods such as pills seemed to work. For over medical marijuana is a significant positive change in their lives and how to deal with this lifelong disease, it is also a historical relationship with female users of the drug attached. Many are afraid, “Come out of the closet” and admit to be with the drug in fear of the loss of custody or stamped. But a man has nothing to lose, because it is socially acceptable. “Was passed, the use of marijuana as a medicine from mother to daughter in the indigenous population more from Mexico and South America.” (Beltrame). To combat these fears women face in today’s society. Marijuana pharmacies have implemented various strategies and procedures. For example, dispensaries’re a professional, and many have visible security create a comfortable atmosphere. Currently, there are a handful of women at the front to fight marijuana advocacy. “They are active in pharmacies on the U.S. state of California and in all aspects of the medical marijuana community. We need more women like this to break social barriers. http://crimialjustice. blogspot. com

http://crimialjustice. blogspot. com

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