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Marijuana Legality Law Question?

Marijuana Legality Law Question?

Read first:

There is a legal Substance called K2. You can buy it in pipe shops.

K2 is far more potent that Marijuana. K2 causes most users hearts to race and chest pain/shortness of breath and panic off of only a few hits. Also, the chest (heart) pain lasts days after use in many users.

Marijuana on the other hand doesn’t overdose or harm the user- but is a Class 1 illegal drug and people get locked up for possessing and using it. It has good medicinal properties (using a vaporizer will eliminate the carcinogenic effects of smoking)

My point is- the govt would rather sell rat poison as a legal alternative to marijuana than to have marijuana not so illegal. *Marijuana is smoked and used everyday by people who want to smoke: whether its legal or not, and the bad mafias who kill families get ALL the profit which= power.

I have one question- WHY?

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