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Marijuana Legalization Movement (questions about starting)?

Marijuana Legalization Movement (questions about starting)?

Hey I am 16 and I would like to start a legalization movement — a serous one.

Not like a petition where ten addicts sign it…

But I am talking a serious movement with an agenda, I am very politically active for my age (volunteering for candidates, attending conventions and rallies, advocating different issues I feel strongly about, etc). I am a law major at a magnet school, and get good grades there. I understand what needs to be done to pass a bill, and the process it undergoes, so I feel like I am a step ahead many other people who know nothing of the subject.

I would like to ask you guys what one needs to do to start a statewide movement. I don’t think a petition will do it, I was thinking more along the lines of a well organized and concentrated advocacy group, with knowledgeable members that need a push start in doing something about their beliefs.
The only issue I see in this is the fact that I am 16, would this matter? Seeing as the subject of the movement is illegal, and especially frowned upon for younger members of society.

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