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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana should be legalized, but only under certain conditions. It should be legalized and grown are for clothes only to certain farmers under the control of the government, food use, and many other things that are positive for our economy. Medical marijuana should be legalized only with the consent of the physician to those with cancer, glaucoma, tremor and tools. I think marijuana should be legalized, but protected at the same time. It should be protected and made sure it is safe and away from the illegal sale and growing in the United States. According to the Christian Science Monitor, continued to sink marijuana, but it is always easier to use and access for young people. Availability is always easier by medical marijuana and illegal sale. Teens have an influence on their parents’ medicine cabinet and abuse the medical marijuana with friends. A study done by CASA indicated that 23 percent of kids 12 to 17 years were marijuana in an hour or less, and said 42 percent of them, they could to buy to do in a day or less. Written in the Los Angeles Times, by Jill Adams in 2008, was told that an estimated 25 million Americans, marijuana smoked within the last year, and nearly 100 million people, they smoked at least once in their lives, according to the most recent national survey on drug use and health by the Federal Ministry of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Use smoking marijuana can cause many bad effects associated with thinking, depression, lung, and many other problems. In 1976 was a man named Robert Randall was arrested for cultivation of marijuana his own. Robert won this case because he is suffering from glaucoma, and explained that marijuana helped his medical disorder. With the adoption of the case, Robert was the first American to obtain medical marijuana. There are advantages and disadvantages to ensure this example. The Government must ensure that marijuana is protected, and not just by anyone that wants to grow. The good thing is that Robert received medical marijuana for the right reason, which is a medical problem that he had, where she could help him. As anyone can see, marijuana is a serious problem and must ensure that it uses carefully in today’s society for its use. The reason why marijuana legalization has become as a contentious issue because there are many ways it can be advantageous, but also many ways can be dangerous and wrong to be used. marihuana under certain circumstances, that it is used properly to be legalized and is protected from other unlawful acts and to use . Works cited: Marijuana goes up in smoke as federal agents RAID pharmacies, August 11, 2008, Dan Glaister, November 20, 2008, http://www. ladies and gentlemen. comDamaging Habit? August 18, 2008, Jill U . Adams, Los Angeles Times, November 20, 2008, http://www. ladies and gentlemen. comYouth increase access to medicines, 14 August 2008, Uri Friedman, Christian Science Monitor, November 20, 2008, http://www . ladies and gentlemen. comMarijuana legalization Time Line 2008, ProQuest Staff, November 20, 2008, http://www. ladies and gentlemen. comBanned in the United States, April 2002, Catherine Cowan, 20 November 2008, http://www. Ladies and gentlemen. com

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