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marijuana medical lawz USA people – Discover 7 Celebrities who smoke legalize weed, Health car

marijuana medical lawz USA people – Discover 7 Celebrities who smoke legalize weed, Health car

Marijuana medical lawz in the United States of the America are those which permit people that suffer from various health ailments such as AIDS and cancer and there is an ongoing effort to legalize weed. And honestly it may in fact be the right way to go for americans seeking to alleviate certain symptoms of some very debilitating diseases.

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Here are the states that have marijuana medical lawz meant to help those in need receive all the options in health car they deserve! So yes, legalize weed for everyone. Even those who wish to exercise their rights and enjoy it for fun! USA people let’s applaud these states!

Alaska | California | Colorado | Hawaii | Maine | Maryland | Michigan | Montana | Nevada | New Mexico | Oregon | Rhode Island | Vermont | Washington

Yup, these USA people are enjoying the medical marijuana benefits provided by these aforementioned states in a clear statement that these citizens have this inalienable right. No one can take it away!

Now here is 7 Celebrities That Most People Know About. And All Have Been Busted For Enjoying Medical Marijuana Benefits.

07 – Oliver Stone – Filmmaker of renowned movies JFK, Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July,  pulled over by police officers for driving erratically and subsequently arrested when hash and painkillers were found in his car.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, August 25, 1999

06 – Matthew McConaughey – Actor in such popular movies as Dazed and Confused and Amistad busted in his Texas home after numerous noise complaints from neighbors.  Officers saw him dancing naked and playing bongos.  He was arrested and booked on suspicion of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Source: Houston Chronicle, October 26, 1999

05 – Whitney Houston – Grammy winning pop diva was busted boarding an airplane in Hawaii.  Officers found 15.2 grams in her bag.

Source: Boston Globe, January 17, 2000

04 – Snoop Doggy Dog – Famous rapper and protégé of Dr. Dre arrested at a Los Angeles comedy club for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Source: San Francisco Examiner, May 3, 1998

03 – James Brown – Godfather of Soul busted on marijuana and other charges.

Source: Reuters , Aiken, SC, January 29, 1998

02 – Willie Nelson – Busted in Texas in 1995 with pot in his car.  Charges were dropped later when search was determined to be illegal.

Source: High Times 01 – Carlos Santana – Legendary Grammy award winning guitar player busted at Houston Airport in 1991 for transporting five grams of marijuana from Mexico.

Source: High Times

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