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Marijuana Mishaps In The Movies

Marijuana Mishaps In The Movies

Cannabis features in many movies, be they action films or comedies.  However, the most mishaps seem to happen when characters cross with those planting marijuana seeds.  We take a look at those movies in which cannabis plants and fields come a cropper, or in which characters fall out with those who have planted them.


The Beach

Set on a remote island off the mainland of Thailand, The Beach tells the story of a hidden community of travellers that have separated themselves from civilisation, and enjoy a life of fishing, swimming, and beach cricket.  The secret community can be joined only by those who are handed a map showing them the way to the beach.  The island is owned by drug farmers, who have sown their marijuana seeds far and wide, and who are happy to turn a blind eye to the odd handful of cannabis that makes its way back into the traveller’s camp from their fields.  However, when the map to the island is allowed to fall into too many other hands, the marijuana seeds farmers take matters into their own hands, driving the island-dwellers off the island and forcing them to return to their everyday lives.


Without a Paddle

This comedy is a laugh-a-minute tale about three friends who set off to fulfil a childhood promise to a friend. They have promised to track down the $200,000 that went missing when plane hijacker DB Cooper parachuted to his death over Oregon State.  There follows numerous adventures including canoeing down the Columbia River and risking the rapids; a grizzly mother bear who is determined that one of the group is her cub; and various other hilarious disasters.  Hot on their trail the whole time are two mountain men, whose stash of marijuanathey find when they choose their barn as a hiding place.  The farmers chase the three friends across several fields of marijuana seeds, firing at them with ammunition that proceeds to set fire to their crops.  After watching their weed go up in smoke, it’s no wonder these farmers are hot on the trail of the adventurous trio. 


How High

This film looks at the planting of marijuana seeds on a much smaller scale, but is still just as amusing.  Two students who grow their own cannabis decided to use the ashes of a deceased friend as fertiliser to help their marijuana seeds grow.  They didn’t bank on the fact that every time they smoked any cannabis from that plant their friend would reappear as a ghost.  With the help of a spirit, they’re able to procure the answers for tests and exams, which give them the results to walk straight into Harvard.  However, the double act comes unstuck when a friend uses up all but the very dregs of their supply, leaving them to face their finals unaided.        


Whether it is a field of cannabis, or just a plant pot into which a few marijuana seeds have been scattered, there are many films that chronicle the mishaps that can occur when you interfere with those growing marijuana in the movies. 

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