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Marijuana Prohibition [FACTS for legalization!]

Marijuana Prohibition [FACTS for legalization!]

Made this in After effects cs5 2727 BC, China begins using marijuana for Medicinal use. 1492, Christopher Columbus brings Marijuana Sativa to the new world. 1619, all settlers are required to grow Marijuana, for it is a high paying cash crop. 1795, Washington’s primary crop at mount Vernan is cannabis. 1809, the Queen of Turkey gives the US Marijuana as a gift. 1880, Turkish smoking parlors open up all over the northeast. 1891, Queen Victoria prescribes Marijuana to relieve menstrual cramps. 1908, Henry Ford’s first Model T (his first car) is made with Hemp Plastic and runs on Hemp ethanol. 1937, Marijuana is banned in the US 1942, the US Military uses Marijuana as truth serum. 1965, 1 million Americans had smoked marijuana by now. 1972, 24 million. 1980’s, the Reagan administration begins it’s war on drugs. 1987, every 38 seconds someone was arrested for breaking the Marijuana Law. 1996, Proposition 215 passes in California, Medicinal Marijuana becomes legal. Now, Marijuana is America’s NUMBER ONE cash crop, reeling in over $36 billion a year. Incase you didn’t know, society has brainwashed all of you into thinking Marijuana is a drug, when it’s not. Yes, it alters you. No, it’s not a drug. Loratab, Xanax, Soma’s, Aspirin, Tylenol, those are drugs, and drugs can KILL you. If you take more then 10 Tylenol, you are a goner. If you take more then 5 loratab, your a dumbass AND a goner. Incase you havn’t noticed, Marijuana GROWS. Nothing is DONE to it. It simply grows, just

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