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Marijuana Prohibition supporters: why?

Marijuana Prohibition supporters: why?

I don’t want to fight with anyone, I just want to have a mature discussion about this. If tobacco and alcohol have been proven to be more dangerous than marijuana, then how does it make sense that marijuana is illegal, and tobacco and alcohol are not? Are there not many similarities between marijuana prohibition and alcohol prohibition from the 1920’s?

Also with the billions of dollars spent in tax money each year, isn’t the legalization (or at least discriminalization) of marijuana not consistent with smaller government? I have yet to see one problem marijuana causes that either alcohol and/or tobacco does not. So why support prohibition? And please don’t dodge the question by insulting me and calling me a pothead, slacker, etc. Not only are these not true, but elieving in legalized alcohol or tobacco does not make you a smoker or a drunk, so neither should advocating legalized/decriminalized marijuana make me a pothead.

Thank you
disgruntled: But is that an ethical cause to illegalize something? Because it doesn’t generate tax revenue?
Over Bite: Yes they have:
Omar: Not encourage it, just allow it. And I don’t think kids should smoke, only adults and only in their own homes. This is what all Prohibitioners want. And getting “drunk” is the same thing as getting “high”. Alcohol is a drug too.
@MikeGolf: I agree, as well as just about all other supporters of legalizaton.

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