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Marijuana Seeds and Drugs On TV

Marijuana Seeds and Drugs On TV

With hit shows such as Weeds and Breaking Bad on modern TV, images of drug dealers have become more complex. . . and much more interesting! Back in the day, were the only images of drug dealers and users on film and television in the notorious exploitation films like “Reefer Madness’. Then grew the rise of the stoner movie, drug addled characters like Cheech and Chong suitable only for comic relief. But recently have a few TV shows the curious move against the trend was added, and have featured drug dealers as central figures in complex, serious dramas. “Breaking Bad” and “Weeds” are both affected shows in the U.S., a country known for its aggressive attitude towards drugs, and the last place where one would deeply expect character studies of drug dealers to an audience. With a show around a crystal meth dealer and the other about a producer of marijuana, marijuana seeds are from, how they went on to win a large audience and critical acclaim? Weeds “Weeds” with Mary-Louise Parker, is about an ordinary housewife, the S-thrust is in an exceptional situation. When her husband dies suddenly of a heart attack, she is left to support the family in financial circumstances, dangerous. Instead of giving up the high standard of living that she had become accustomed, they used their knowledge of gardening and baking, buy marijuana seeds, grow their own marijuana, cannabis products and sell them bake to their community. Along the way she is both the risk of law and rival of the drug dealers that we are getting rid of their new rivals. The show is a hit, now in its sixth series and has won numerous awards. In Breaking Bad “Breaking Bad “are the things a little more serious than marijuana and marijuana seeds – the main character in this show produced Crystal Meth! The main character, Walter White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer. is driven by the desire to have enough money made to improve care of his family, he uses his knowledge to a meth dealer. “Breaking Bad” is only his third series, but has been winning all kinds of praise from the critics. What do these two have in common, shows, apart by drug traffickers as their main characters? Both shows offer good entertainment, but there are more than just exciting to write stories and good involved. shows with the two, both with a focus on middle class characters, the drug trade out of necessity as a way to fast to make U.S. dollars again they seem to have been written to the average TV viewer a character that is simple, with empathy. Neither show is interested in drug trafficking glorify or play down the dangers of trafficking – after all it is these threats that the provide fuel for most of the storylines for the episodes! But they are both certainly more interesting, more differentiated views on the question of drugs, and that it certainly deserves applause. We certainly have gone a long way since ‘Reefer Madness! ”

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