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Martinez would repeal medical marijuana law

Martinez would repeal medical marijuana law

one of the candidates for governor says new mexico’s medical marijuana program should be done away with. susana martinez says she’d would work to repeal the three year old law. jeremy jojola spoke with one of the first new mexicans to enroll in the program. he’s live downtown with her take on what martinez wants to do. jeremy. from cancer, post traumatic stress disorder, to aids.. all sorts of patients in new mexico are now legally smoking marijuana under state law. but susana martinez says patients should be using other options and that minute thumbnail 06:05 pm marijuana is still illegal under federal law. she’s 65 years old and living alone with aids. this frail albuquerque woman, who wants to be called mary, says marijuana saved her life. “basically it’s kept me alive. if it were not for that i would not be sitting here. in the last three years, i came close to death twice.” “jojola: you probably don’t have a medicine cabinet that can fit all of this.” mary says the 30 pills she takes every day are nauseating. and that the marijuana on her coffee table helps her eat. “it overrides the nausea and gives me the energy to get up and prepare the food when i need it.” in her wallet—a state medical cannabis card. she’s among the first to get one. “there are more than two thousand patients participating in the state’s medical cannabis program. a program so tightly regulated, you don’t see any marijuana shops anywhere.”

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