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Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Today, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has become a much discussed topic due to the increasing number of states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana and states that have medical marijuana law propositions on the November 2, 2010 ballot. No one is claiming that marijuana can cure diseases and debilitating illnesses, however, more studies are revealing that the use of marijuana is effective at alleviating a number of health conditions, particularly alleviating pain, reducing nausea, and improving appetite.

Marijuana has been shown to be an effective for pain management. There are pain receptors in the brain that permit the uptake of cannabinoids (like THC). There have been many studies that have shown that cannabinoids help reduce pain. For those afflicted with diseases such as AIDS, the use of medical marihuana reduces neuropathic pain and muscle spasms. Arthritis, a disease of the joints where there is severe pain, stiffness, inflammation, and swelling, medical marijuana helps alleviate the pain and inflammation. For diseases and conditions where people suffer from chronic pain that is described as aching, burning, and shooting, marijuana relieves the pain and reduces swelling thereby promoting more comfort and improved sleep. Colitis, a condition affecting the tissue that lines the gastrointestinal system where there is intense pain, inflammation, and loss of appetite, the symptoms can be alleviated by using medical marijuana. Fibromyalgia, a medical syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain and sensitive painful response to pressure, the symptoms can be alleviated by using medical marijuana as the pain and fatigue is reduced.

Marijuana is also effective at reducing nausea and studies have proven that medical marijuana makes for an effective Antiemetic (antinausea) medication. For people suffering from nauseas from chemotherapy, radiation treatment, smoking marijuana relieves the nausea symptoms quickly. People are able to eat and keep the food down which helps combat weight loss and muscle wasting. As well, the reduced nausea will reduce vomiting and reduce stress allowing for improved sleep patterns. Medical marijuana has also been shown to be effective in helping people with anorexia increase their appetite and improve their mood. Chronic nausea, a constant sensation where one feels there is a need to vomit, can be alleviated by marijuana as it reduces the nausea feeling, increases appetite, and helps keep the food down.

Asthma can be alleviated by using medical marijuana. It helps to reduce asthma symptoms by opening up bronchial tubes. Alzheimer’s disease is another disease that can be helped by using medical marijuana. Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia, Smoking marijuana can help prevent the formation of Alzheimer’s plaques in the brain thereby slowing the degenerative process. Marijuana can alleviate symptoms of epilepsy by reducing seizures and muscle spasms and preventing loss of consciousness. Other conditions that can be alleviated by taking marijuana include: hypertension, glaucoma, migraines, seizure disorders, and multiple sclerosis.

Medical marijuana has been used by people all over the world for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments. As more states realize the benefits of medical marijuana, more will legalize this natural plant as an effective medicine to treat a variety of health conditions.

Brian writes about alternative medicine such as medicinal marijuana at Cannabissearch.com

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