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Medical Marijuana – But What About the Children

Medical Marijuana – But What About the Children

A common debate that hopefully will come to an end in the next few years is the medical marijuana topic. While there are more pros than cons when this debate ever comes up, there are still plenty of corporations both in the medical and industrial sectors that would love to see medical marijuana made 100% illegal.There is one ad that most have seen and really speaks to parents of teens. These anti marijuana advertisements describe marijuana including medicallly prescribed to be a danger to teens. They have played anything from a teen setting his house on fire while under the influence to a couple teens hitting a child on a bike due to the effects of marijuana.One thing that seems to escape the entire anti marijuana both medically or otherwise are the deaths actually caused by marijuana use. The main reason these statistics of deaths are not included is because there has never been a single death caused by this plant ever. Many can agree that children, teens and those with addictive personalities might take from this plant bad things BUT to classify it with man made and chemically containing drugs is only done to keep the general public from knowing the true medicinal properties of this great plant.In california there have been bills, hearings and everything under the sun fighting for medical patients and consenting adults from using this plant but is a thoudand times less harmful than the completely legal drugs known as alcohol and tobacco. These two perfectly legal drugs which can be bought on any street corner or liquor store have and do kill people including children on a daily basis but they still remain 100% legal.Why would allow 2 proven and daily killers remain legal but throw the book at adults for smoking something that has never caused on single death worldwide as well as lock adults up for years at a time due to possession or personal use. Parents need to wake up and see passed the catchy anti pot ads and actually do some research.Why would medical or industrial companies want to keep marijuana illegal? This plant has been proven to be more effective in both fields versus their man made or chemical counterparts and the main reason is this plant doesn’t need a manufacturing plant or company head to continue producing. Hemp can be used in place of many industrial items including rope, fuel, clothing to name a few. Medically this plant has had plenty of proven cases medically of its effects on the body and how it can not only help slow but also stop cancer growth.Why would the medical establishments not want a plant that can help their patients? Why do you think they spent million to try and reproduce a chemical versus on this amazing plant? Maybe, just maybe it has to do with the issue of this plant being able to be produced 100% free by any adult who chooses to grow their own. Without a prescription, without a business making money from something there is no point in allowing it in our economy.One thing that big business cannot allow is an individual the ability to provide for themselves. There isn’t a profit in a cure or prevention but there is a huge profit in “living with it”. Sometimes you need to look passed the obvious reason because most times that is furthest from the truth. If you live in a city or state without a medical marijuana law protecting you then it is up to you to make it happen. You can do this by contacting NORML for help.For a real awakening why not watch the video they pushed to get marijuana banned. The video is called reefer madness and can be found on google video for those wanting to watch it. It is a great old black and white showing that with just one puff a normal teen turns into a killer, a criminal among other things. The propaghanda our country puts out really does put shutters on many and possibly including yourself. Whether you are for or against a specific right, don’t you think it should be up to an adult as to what they put in his or her body or should that be left up to the government to let us know what is allowed or not.

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