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Medical Marijuana Cards Michigan

Medical Marijuana Cards Michigan

Medical Marijuana in MichiganThe Great Lakes in DiscussionIf a person has been reading up on the news on medical marihuana as of late you have observed a recent plethora of raids. Two states specifically that look like to be a boiling point of debate. Medical marijuana in Michigan and legal marijuana in California seem to be enormously confusing areas recently. The debate doesn’t seem to rage between the legality of the issue. Medical marijuana in Michigan was made into law in 2008, decriminalizing marijuana further setting guidelines for individuals to have a medical marihuana card in Michigan for usage, growth, and possession. Medical marihuana in the State of California has long been legal since 1996 and soared through their judicial system’s measures with a near sixty percent (56) approval rating. It also established the similar laws that govern medical marijuana cards in Michigan, with slightly different parameters. So what’s been going on lately? It seems obvious that the cops is having a tough time interpreting what the courts have established and set up rather transparently. Medical marihuana in Michigan has been a cause for numerous raids and arrests over the course of the last few days and Cali has appeared to follow suit. This new string of events has led medicinal marijuana in Michigan and California back into the media’s crosshairs, relighting an issue that many believed was done legally in 2008 and 1996. The Cali arrests are a blog for another day, this blog will further take a glance at the generalities surrounding the medical marijuana in Michigan arrests.The problem with medical marihuana in Michigan stems from an August 27, 2010 arrest and investigation on two Michigan shoppes. The investigations led to the arrest and jailing of over a dozen people combined. The raids were done at Clinical Relief in Ferndale, Michigan and Everybody’s Cafe in Waterford Township, Michigan. The raids were followed by an undercover police action. Law officers say private homes in Oakland and Macomb counties also were raided. The issue seems to be not whether medical marihuana in Michigan was legal, that is without argument, but instead whether there was wrongful behavior or misuse by the vendors. As of now, all the legal representatives for the defendants in this matter have professed their client’s innocence and ready for their day in court. In the above cases, the arrests have came from what legal officials are saying is that the medical marijuana dispensaries in question that are doing business under the medical marijuana Michigan law, have been getting medical marijuana to persons who don’t have valid Michigan medical marijuana cards. In some cases the state’s alleging that the vendors are selling to individuals who don’t have Michigan medical marijuana cards at all. A lot of people consider this is a series of events designed to get the medical marijuana in Michigan laws back before a judge for extra restrictions or even abolishment.There is no reason to be fearful of the laws if you are on the right side of it. Medical marihuana possession in Michigan is absolutely legal. If you are unclear on its legality or what the law prohibitively states then talk with a medical marijuana advisor. If you are clear and looking to find a Michigan medical marihuana card, it is undoubtedly still in your best interest to get a medical marihuana advisor. If you are sick and can use the pain relief from glaucoma, Parkinson’s, HIV/AIDS, certain cancers and any other nagging problems, find comfort in medicinal marijuana. Seek out a medical marihuana advisor today and get your Michigan medical marijuana card with full confidence.Don’t Panic…It’s Organic (and legal).

Reginald Turner has been an advocate of the legalization of marijuana for over 10 years.

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