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medical marijuana clinic california

medical marijuana clinic california

S.O.C.C.A. for Your Medical Cannabis RequirementsIn 2003, Senate Bill (SB) 420 (Chapter 875, Statutes of 2003) was approved as an extension and clarification of Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Subsequently, patients living in California may be sanctioned to obtain medical marijuana and are issued a medical marijuana identification card upon the recommendation of their medical practitioner. Since this program’s inception, thousands of Californians that suffer from debilitating illness and severe pain have obtained relief through the use of medical cannabis. We at the South Orange County Collective Association (S.O.C.C.A.) are committed to helping those who require medical marijuana by providing customer service and cannabis of the highest possible quality to individuals living in Orange County and surrounding parts.At S.O.C.C.A., we recognize that individuals have been prescribed medical marijuana for a variety of reasons. Some require cannabis to relieve the anguish of intense pain induced by illnesses such as cancer or glaucoma. Others put up with the on-going effects of pain brought on by mishaps or other disabilities. In some instances, marijuana can have a soothing effect that substantially decreases serious psychiatric symptoms. To be able to provide for the diverse needs of all our members, we carry medical marijuana in a number of strains. Indica, for example, is employed by patients suffering from insomnia or the side effects of tension. Sativa has effects that may be explained as more cerebral, leading to an uplift in mood and a feeling of optimism. Hybrid strains are a mixture of indica and sativa, and may be tailored for your individual requirements. For example, you might choose to get a strain that is forty percent indica and sixty percent sativa. We also supply medical marijuana in concentrated form, as well as in edible products such as candy bars, lollipops and gum. Whatever your personal circumstance, we are here to provide high quality marijuana quickly and discreetly, and within the form that works greatest for you.Certainly, all members must abide by particular rules set forth on our web site. Just as we stand behind our objective to supply patients with top-grade medical marijuana, we need our members to agree to only use our products for authentic medical problems such as Depression, Cancer, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Severe Burn, Chronic Discomfort, Back Pain and other severe ailments. Additionally, we need that you never give out our items to anybody outside the collective.Should you or somebody you care for has been approved to receive medical cannabis by your physician, S.O.C.C.A. can provide you with the gold standard of the customer service and medical marijuana you should have. Feel free to understand more by browsing our website at http://www.bestmeds.org. Once you have signed up, you can receive free delivery of any of our various strains seven days a week. We are here for you, and are devoted to your satisfaction.

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