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Medicinal Properties of Marijuana

Medicinal Properties of Marijuana

Many people refute the beneficial properties of cannabis seeds, but is is a real fact that marijuana has proven medical properties; hence researchers have published their finding in an attempt to make legal its use. Marijuana scientific name is Cannabis sativa L and is a plant native to warm temperate zones of America, Africa, India, and Asia. The Latin name cannabis is related to the Cannabaceae, the Hemp family it belongs to.Marijuana is perhaps one of the plants that is popularly known with so many names that it would be hard to list absolutely all of the unique names. Marijuana seeds, weed and cannabis seeds are the most popular forms, but it is also knows as hemp, hemp seed, bhang, Charas, dagga, Ganja, hashish, Sativa Seeds, KIF, Indica seeds, TA MA, conopli, juanita, and Hanf, among many other names.The active parts of the plant are its conifer stems, flowers, leaves, seeds, and even the secretions of the plant itself. The marijuana components include cannabin, resin, choline, and essential oils. Although marijuana was widely used in Africa and Asia to fight against illness in ancient times, its therapeutic and commercial value in other continents was only recognized until the early 20th century when the United States began to use with medical purposes.Marijuana was banned in America in 1937 and since nowadays there is a debate for its legalization not only in USA, but also in many other countries around the world arguing its potential medicinal properties. The plant psychoactive ingredients are cannabinoids, responsible for making people get high. Researchers have found high concentrations of this ingredient in the resin of the plant, being also responsible of the abundant production of plant pistils. Cannabinoids are also the basal ingredient of tetrahydrocannabinol and other ingredients, such as cannabinol, cannabidiol, Delta-8 THC, Tetrahydrocannabivarin, and Cannabichromene. The main effect of marijuana is euphoria and, apart from its interaction with the central nervous system, it has a secondary action that accelerates the heart rate and raises blood pressureResearchers say that marijuana seeds do not cause habit, but a psychological dependence, thus people can control the way in which is consumed when it is not abused. However, the dispute about its medicinal benefits is disputed because its therapeutic use is supported by anecdotal information rather that a formal investigation in depth and it is unlikely get medical institutions participating actively in the marijuana legalization.According to the data recorded, cannabis seeds help with glaucoma, reducing intraocular pressure, and relieving pain at the time that slow the degenerative process that leads to blindness. Marijuana is also known for its properties to reduce pain and discomfort caused by multiple factors to people suffering from chronic pain.Cannabis prevents seizures in some patients with epilepsy, and contributes with anorexia since marijuana stimulates the appetite. In the 1970s, some studies reported that smoking marijuana reduces Asthma problems, and it was recently found that it also overcome vomiting, nausea and appetite loss in AID and cancer patients, although all of these therapeutic effects have mostly tested in animals.

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