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The Miraculous Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The Miraculous Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The medicinal benefits of marijuana range from free radical neutralizing anti-oxidants and oils, stress relief, to anti-inflammatory properties, and virtually everything in between.

Pot, bud, nugs, whatever you call marijuana, acts upon the body far beyond just getting us high. Cannabis is a “panacea”, which is a medicine that helps the body heal and correct many different maladies. Most medicines are specific to one or two symptoms. Cannabis acts positively on dozens, if not hundreds.

The crucial components of marijuana are called “cannabinoids”.

Cannabinoids are chemical keys that unlock very specific areas of our body called “neuroreceptors”. When these doors are unlocked, specific signals occur to tell the body to self-correct and heal.

Our body makes cannabinoids. Yes, you heard that right. Our body actually makes chemicals nearly identical to the constituents found in cannabis. The connection between our bodies and the active ingredients in marijuana is so intimate, that the specific receptors that pot unlocks are called “cannabinoid receptors”.

There are scientists on both sides of the “pot-fence” who argue about the degree of efficacy of marijuana. We now know however, that the human body and marijuana have seemingly evolved to interact dynamically, in precise harmony with one another. The matter of degree of efficacy is relative to the individual.

When people speak of pot being natural, they are absolutely correct.

Cannabis is so natural, that our body recognizes and utilizes it to unlock these chemical doors in our brains, eyes, organs; virtually every part of our body contains receptors that are activated via different strains of cannabis.

Since cannabis is a panacea known to help many diseases, the list of benefits is growing. Scientists and doctors are testing the ingredients of pot and the effects on virtually every human malady.
Some of the well known diseases alleviated by marijuana are: acute pain, AIDs, anorexia, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, depression, glaucoma, head-aches, IBS, muscle spasms, nausea; and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are thousands of applications just waiting to be discovered. Many anti-cannabis detractors joke that pro-cannabis doctors prescribe marijuana for anything, and claim they are just in it for the money. But the fact is marijuana is a useful and effective medicine for hundreds of diseases. Marijuana is also a safe and beneficial alternative to harsh, life-stripping pharmaceuticals with their myriad terrible side effects.

One drawback for some who would otherwise benefit from the use of medical marijuana is the high. There are people who want relief without the stone. Fortunately, there are strains of cannabis that are lower in THC and higher in other cannabinoids, like CBD, that are known for their efficacy and not the high.

Although additional research needs to be done to fully understand the many health benefits of marijuana, we already know it works. We know it is safe. Now the only question is: how will it benefit you?

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