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My Marijuana Plants are Dying!!

My Marijuana Plants are Dying!!

This is not a joke….. I would like to apolagize ahead of time to those of you expecting another great update from MGR!! With that being said lets get to the important shit, what could have caused this?? Wel I will start off by mentioning what I forgot to mention in the video… I first though that I was killing the plants with Azatrol (40ml/G) but I spray all plants vegging and the few in flower that have not yet changed over every week with the same solution on each plant at the same time. So rumor is that the beneficial’s that I have been using (sensizyme b4, now hygrozyme) are destroyed by products that have H2o2 in it such as Zone, some of my sub’s have mentioned this so I brought it up at the hydro store… I had mentioned that I don’t realy want to quit using either of the two product’s. So we came up with the idea of using enzymes with res change and add Zone a few days before res chang to kill anything off. I am kinda pointing the problem toward Cal-Mag, and Liquid Karma, but I don’t see how with as lite of a dose I use… Last time I got root rot the lower leaves started turning yellow and then started falling off and the plant did not die, but that is not the case here. It apears to be either under or over watered. Does anyone think the problem could be that I am now exhausting my light to the outside… And drawing all the air from the veg room into the flower room, I have not yet had a chance to make an intake duct for outside air so I just leave the door to

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