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My wind deck, harpie themed. is it tornament worthy, plz help me?

My wind deck, harpie themed. is it tornament worthy, plz help me?

Harpie/wind deck.hi, this is my wind deck with a harpie theme, i want it to be tornament worthy but when i look at the cards they all seem like good cards that should be in the deck, but im not sure, its prolly actually pretty crap. its a really big deck so help me cut it down a bit. thanks for all replies. p.s ive just ordered 3 harpie queens

1 simorgh bird of divinity
2 flying kamakiri
1 little winguard
2 sonic duck
1 harpies brother
2 bladefly
1 swift bird man joe
2 neo spacian air hummingbird
1 diskblade rider
2 harpie lady 1
1 kazejin
1 bird face
1 spear dragon
1 dragon dwelling in the cave
1 wind effigy
1 sonic shooter
1 slate warrior
1 sasuke samurai
1 harpie lady 3
1 whirlwind prodigy

1 pot of avarice
1 heavy storm
1 banner of courage
2 mystical space typhoons
1 hammer shot
2 axe of despair
1 premature burial
1 scape goat
2 harpies hunting ground
1 swords of revealing light
1 monster reborn
1 lightning vortex
1 elegant egotist

1 solemn wishes
1 ordeal of a traveler
1 wall of revealing light
1 aqua chorus
1 cemetery bomb
1 coffin seller
1 hysteric party
2 reckless greed
2 icarus attack
1 sakuretsu armor

well thats it boys. thanks for all suggestions

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