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Mystic God, And Anyone Else Who Can Relate To Level 1(This Is Not An Article)

Mystic God, And Anyone Else Who Can Relate To Level 1(This Is Not An Article)

for credibility purposes:(one of my weaker yet “more sane writings”          smoking weed enables everybody (to various extents) to be more aware of the spiritual reality which feels much more superior to the physical reality. that’s why weed lowers people’s inhibitions, because they (sub)consciously view this physical reality as insignificant. But because it was created, it must serve some purpose? and all that we can know is that only good can come from bettering ourselves in both realities so we might as well do so.

“Why” is the only question that I’ve always been able to ansewr  unless it’s my question as well. It’s my most common question. I believe this question relates best to logic and philosophy. when asked any other question, I am content with “I don’t know”, but not with “why?”. Perhaps part of me has always known that I can answer it.

fake people are people who act the way that they wish they naturally acted. I wonder how many, if any, meet themselves. Perhaps this is what creates insanity. I am a real person whom occasionallly acts fake (many situations call for me to act stupid). There have been countless times in my life where i have slipped into fakeness via shutting off my mind (I’m a good actor). but since i am a real person, i consider that one of my attributes.

time is more of an area than a line (I realized in the above paragraph that i naturally refer to time as a place) being filled (such as an hour glass). Points in time are places {points in the area (some filled some not)}. past and future. there is no present because the space is constantly filling.

i wonder if i am capable of translating the signals in my brain (that could be dangerous).

everybody hears voices in their head (sub)consciously. These voices influence a person’s decisions. A personless vessle would just be the voices taking turns running the vessel (skitzophrenia). I don’t know where the voices originated. One of my voices I have recognized in my dad and my grandpa (whom I’m not related to blood- wise), and another voice i recognize in my mother and sister. My voice is the one that always asks questions, and (for this first 20 years of my life, has decided to try to remain indecisive. To this day i am indecisive which is why I put out this plea. My voice still has it’s opinions, but does not state them as firmly; However, because it is my voice, it doesn’t need to be strong as long as it is last {which isn’t always the case (with all humans)}

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