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Myths in Beating Hair Drug Tests

Myths in Beating Hair Drug Tests

People who view hair drug testing as a threat, for different reasons look for various ways to pass hair drug tests. The popularity of these methods led to an increasing growth of a market niche that help people pass drug tests. Here you will find many places online products, the different types of drug tests from traditional urine and blood tests may suggest, saliva and hair follicles claim to have drug testing. There are many reasons for drug dependent persons opportunities to hair drug testing will find suitable. First, it is compulsory for some companies for doping control during the process to seek employment. Drug testing at work has a continuously increasing trend in the strengthening of the staff of a company, while simultaneously affecting the limitation of the costs due to inefficient and drug workers. Drug testing is a first prerequisite for university entrance on the sports scholarship or during a physical competition. However, these allegations are true? In the realm of hair drug testing, online sources claim that there is help detox shampoos and liquid solutions to remove drug residues in hair. At the same time there are certain home remedies can be applied to pass hair drug tests. Many are tempted to believe that passing drug tests is easy. It is true that the minute possibility in passing a hair drug test vote, many, that it borders the line of impossibility. For hair drug tests, there are certain claims detox shampoos on the market to remove traces of drugs in the hair. With various ingredients, these shampoos claim to common toxic substances such as marijuana, THC, to remove nicotine, and alcohol right into the scalp of the hair. These shampoos contain step-by-step instructions to protect the solution during the application. However, there is no scientific basis to these claims. Studies have shown that the hair is analyzed as a storage for data up to its smallest parts, that they even recognize the use of detoxifying shampoo. In this case, the hair drug testers weed out the cheaters and will have a basis to apply blood or urine drug test. Another myth is that increasing blonde hair has a better chance of passing a hair drug test. This is consistent with studies that melatonin can increase validated drug level reading assistant. Since melatonin is more common in black hair, it is claimed that people can pass hair drug tests by changing their hair to a lighter color. However, this is only a superficial solution similar to detox shampoos. All the more, the color of the hair does not alter the melatonin levels of an originally black hair. The people who believe that the ingredients in artificial hair coloring can be enough drugs to dissolve hair drug testing is appropriate, therefore, invalid. Truly, the best way to exist within a hair drug test to no drugs at all. Resorting to various claims, that holds no water to bring you in deeper trouble than you already are. The best solution is to clean up, rather than join the crowds of the assumption that you are a hair drug test

This article is written by Lena Butler, the author of the Test Country Drug FAQ, a longer version of this article said Myths in Beating Hair Drug Tests find, and resources from other home health and wellness testing sources such as Drug Testing and News retailers used

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