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need help making/narrowing my Yu-Gi-Oh deck.?

need help making/narrowing my Yu-Gi-Oh deck.?

need help making/narrowing my Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

here are the cards i have had in previous decks and any other cards you think i should have please let me know

Brron, mad king of dark world

lesser fiend

guardian sphinx

nimble mononga.x1

shining angel.x1

a cat of ill omen

chiron the mage


aswan apparition

swarm of scarabs

tyrant dragon

different dimension dragon

pot of greed .x3

graceful charity .x3

penguin soldier .x3

mystical space typhoon .x3

tribe-infecting virus .x2

hane-hane .x3

kaiser sea horse .x3

witch of the black forest .x3

troop dragon .x3

just desserts .x3

exchange of the spirit

blast with chain

coffin seller

final abacus

magic drain

nutrient z

imperial order

ultimate offering .x3

slifer the sky dragon

opticlops .x2

dark blade .x2

gemini elf

blue-eyes white dragon .x3

vorse raider .x2

summoned skull

luster dragon .x2

luster dragon#2 .x2


poison mummy .x2

the bistro butcher .x3

dancing fairy .x2

spirit of the breeze

the flute of summoning dragon .x3

lord of d. .x2

4-starred ladybug of doom

invader of the throne

wall of illusion

pharaoh’s treasure

gravekeeper’s curse

dark jeroid

mask of weakness


fiend comedian

dark car with white tail


dark core

riryoku field

white dragon ritual .x3

paladin of white dragon .x2

mask of restrict


pixie knight

flash assailant


red-eyes b. dragon .x2

rush recklessly .x3

black pendant .x3

change of heart

ookazi .x3


soul exchange .x3

painful choice

monster reborn

mystik wok

card destruction .x3

dragon’s gunfire .x2

the reliable guardian .x2

mask of dispel

soul reversal

mask if the accursed

fairy meteor crush .x3

big bang shot

the cheerful coffin .x3

emergency provisions

degenerate circuit

ground collapse

spring of rebirth .x2

dian keto the cure master .x3

last will .x3

wabiku .x3

(note that i only play with my brother and dont give a crap about banned cards.)
first of all im not going to buy any more cards second what is a normal deck?

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