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Need-Led Evolution In Biology: The Corner Stone Of 10,000-Years-Ago Norm

Need-Led Evolution In Biology: The Corner Stone Of 10,000-Years-Ago Norm

Everybody knows biological evolution. But not all people believe that there is basically no evolution happened for mankind as a whole since 10,000 years ago.

Although many people think they can adapt to the most advanced lifestyle of eating highly artificially processed food, drinking unnaturally manmade drinks, wearing precisely designed expensive clothing, and living in extravagant house decorated beautifully with manmade materials, including all kinds of synthetic ones.

Unfortunately, as a matter of fact, it is not the case. We instinctively can not adapt to them. (Re #1-4)

Need-Led Evolution

It is obvious that evolution is a process directed by the need for the survival of the bio-entity. In other words, it is not a passive process of survival of the fittest but an active one of survival of those who are initiatively becoming fit.

Moreover, the pressure of the need to evolve must be high enough to start the evolution. That is being “scooped up” (Re #5).

Since 10,000 years ago, mankind has been in a situation getting better and better, and hence there has not been such a strong need to start the evolution. Therefore, the instincts of mankind basically did not evolve or change any during this period of about 10,000 years. (Re #5, 6)

10,000-Years-Ago Norm

As all our physiological functions are operated by our instincts which are basically the same as those 10,000 years ago, in order to make our physiology function physically and psychologically well today, we have to meet the 10,000-years-ago norm as completely as possible. (Re #1-4)

When we meet the norm, we will be happy validly, genuinely, effectively, healthily without being hurt. That is to say, our feeling being happy will really benefit our propagating offspring or keeping our DNA alive. Such as:

If we can not meet the norm, we will be invalidly, falsely, ineffectively, unhealthily happy or be hurt. For examples:


Our instincts are basically the same as those 10,000 years ago. To have a happy life, we must meet our instincts as completely as possible.


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W. Ying, a research chemist retired for 25 years who has his life half-and-half in poor rural areas and in luxurious big cities, is the writer of the 700 blog posts and

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