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Obama is a hypocrite on marijuana policy

Obama is a hypocrite on marijuana policy

Obama Said that “The war on drugs has failed”, yet his support for the policies that make up “The war on drugs” (which began far before his own Presidency) still exist. The hypocrisy of his admitted behavior juxtaposed against his policies is glaringly obvious. At 5:00 mark I misspoke because Eric Holder didn’t say “medicinal”, he only talked about recreational use. I realized that in fact Eric Holder’s position on recreational marijuana has always been consistent. He is and always was against it. However, the DEA is in many instances has ignored the directive from the Justice Department concerning medicinal dispensaries, while continued raids on medicinal distributers in States’ where it is legal. All this behavior displayed only to the silence of Barack Obama, and the White House. What Eric Holder said in the past is consistent with what he said a few days ago, but the behavior of the DEA doesn’t reflect that consistence. Also, it is Obama and his opinions from before and during the campaign on how the War on Drugs has failed that are hypocritical. By hiring someone like Eric Holder, Obama has demonstrated that he does think the War on Drugs is something that must be continued no matter the human or economic cost. The reason why Obama came down so hard with this new assertion of “vigorously enforcing” federal law, is obviously to counter prop 19 in California, since he doesn’t want to disturb the established order. The question that was voted for the most was this: With

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