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Oil Companies and Pharmacies are killing Marijuana?

Oil Companies and Pharmacies are killing Marijuana?

Sick of people asking “WHY IS WEED ILLEGAL”

Cannabis is the most useful industrial compound ever, ever ever.
Its renewable, its incredibly strong, it has essentrial dietary supplements, its cheap, its organic, its environmentally healthy, its medicinal values are through the roof, its Everything we need as a new power source, and to replace useless anti-inflammatories and harmful side-effect-inducing chemical drugs approved by the FDA.

Bills are passed on Bias by a select group of politicans who vote for or against it. These people recieve “campaign contributions” of money from Oil companies, drug companies, and so on. These are infact bribes, and is NO coincidence that these bribed politicians voted against ANY and all uses of marijuana, punishable by serious sentences.

As long as this cycle remains, we will always be fighting them. Politicians and CEO’s don’t care about the good of the nation, and will do anything for more money for more golf courses and more vacation houses.

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