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P14 “Online Marijuana Seeds” 70 Day OG Kush From Attitude SeedBank

P14 “Online Marijuana Seeds” 70 Day OG Kush From Attitude SeedBank

Myname is Mike and I’m the owner of www.howtogrowbud.com and people always ask me for a good website to order marijuana seeds online. I never know what to tell them because i never ordered seeds online before. I searched around, talked to some friends and read some reviews. finally i decided to order seeds from “The Attitude SeedBank”. I ordered 10 m15 “Auto Flowering” seeds,5 “70 day” OG Kush and they gave me a Lemon Skunk and a Rock Lock seed for free.When you order the seeds you get the option to package it anyway you want IE in a DVD case or a shirt or a coffee mug ect.. I must admit that i was a little sceptical ordering marijuana seeds online but they made me feel better about my desision by sending me several emails telling me everything they were doing every step of the way IE ordered recived,order comfirmed,order pakaged and order shipped. it only took about 2 weeks for the seeds to get to my house. I germinated them and then planted them and now im making these videos to show YOU how they turn out. you can order the seed here: www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk or check out more reviews at www.howtogrowbud.com or check out hot girls smoking pot at http (Just thought i would through that out there) medical marijuana

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