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Panic Attacks and Marijuana, K2

Panic Attacks and Marijuana, K2

If you believe panic episodes are overrated, you haven’t searched Google lately on the subject. “Panic attacks” received roughly 15,600,000 search hits and “anxiety attacks” Another 1,790,000. That proves that not only is there a large amount of interest in the subject but just as importantly, many victims of the syndrome. I employ the word syndrome because its cause is mostly psychological as well as relatively “harmless” to the sufferer. Its distinct cause is fear, plain and simple. This being asserted , however , it would be culpable to realize that the symptoms are entirely psychosomatic because any amount of panic episodes can be attributed to, enhanced by, or without delay due to the mental reaction to any number of drugs – marijuana included. One approved expert ( whose opinion has been attested by numerous others ) stated, “Substance abuse and the withdrawal of the substance being abused can mimic panic attacks. Alcohol, marijuana, opiates, hallucinogens, cocaine, over-the-counter drugs ( nasal sprays and diet tablets ), caffeine and benzodiazepines can all be related to panic attacks.” The presumption that marijuana is the safe drug that “the authorities love to hate” is simply an erroneous presumption. I am not arguing here for continued criminalizing of pot or decriminalization actually, just stating the known facts. Though marijuana has some healing qualities,eg increased taste for cancer sufferers, a dulling of pain due to many maladies and its efficacy in combating glaucoma, it argues nothing for the recreational use of the drug. Each pot smoker is familiarised with the “superficial” negative effects of the habit. Things like indolence, listlessness, and lets not forget paranoia exhibited by many users. The more serious effects that researches have discovered are things such as the negative effect on short term memory. Research has demonstrated that long-term adult users score less on short-term memory tests, as well as demonstrate reduced oral and mathematics skills compared with non-users. What makes these negatives even more upsetting is the relative strength of marijuana from prior eras and the THC ( the component that is mind altering ) levels usually seen in today’s variety. According to the Yankee Counsel For Drug Education, THC content of marijuana, which averaged less than 1 p.c in 1974, rose to a median 4 % by 1994. For the highly well-liked form of marijuana called Sinsemilla ( from the Spanish “without seeds” ), made from just the buds and flowering tops of female plants, THC content averages 7.5 p.c and ranges as high as twenty-four percent. The message has been clear in the case of marijuana use and panic episodes. The answer for these panic episodes is simple–break the habit. Now there’s an herbal mix with effects similar, in fact nearly identical to those of other “herbs,” but 100% legal and so far proven harmless. It’s called simply K2 Herbal Mix. For more information on the K2 Herbal Mix, click here: K2 Herbal Mix.

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