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Passing A Drug Test Demystified

Passing A Drug Test Demystified

Passing a drug test could be difficult for those who have taken recreational banned prescriptions close to the testing period. As a result of nature of the tests, and the safeguards against avoidance, many screenings will provide you with virtually no time before you have to participate in the test.If you have been taking recreational drugs on the same day you are screened, passing a drug test will be virtually impossible. It takes very little time for illegal prescriptions to work its way into your blood stream, which means that urine, blood and saliva tests will bare traces of those compounds. Hair tests might pass, as it needs a certain amount of time for hair to grow.If you have taken narcotics, and passing a drug test is required, you can attempt to drink large amounts of water to dilute your urine in hopes that the test is not accurate enough to pick up on the presence of the banned medications. While this might succeed on card based scans, gas tests can pick up even the smallest trace amounts of drugs within your urine.As many people have avoided illegal medications tests by bringing urine of a friend who is clean of drugs, nowadays there are steps taken to avoid this from taking place. However, if you can sneak in another person’s urine sample into the test, passing a drug test when you otherwise will have failed is a possibility. If you are caught carrying this out, it will likely be treated as a fail with further consequences.The only safe way to make sure passing a drug test is within your grasp would be to make sure you have not done any illegal prescriptions for a minimum of a week before the drugs screen. Because quite a few drugs have a in body life time of a 7 days, it will take this period of time before traces of the drugs are usually removed from your system. This will work on piss, blood and saliva screening.In the case of hair based tests, passing a drug test right after using recreational banned prescriptions is actually not possible unless you shave off all of the hair on your body. While some people attempt to shave their heads, this is not effective as all of the hair you produce will show your illegal prescriptions use history. As the history spans for a period of six months, this could have devastating consequences for all those getting tested. Because of the nature of hair growth, the remnants of the drugs will never be completely purged.If passing a drug test is a large concern for you, you should research the actual lifespan of the banned medications you take and find out the length of time it requires for them to cleaned from your body.If you take certain prescription medications, you will have to bring a evidence of prescription for your drugs testing, as they can trigger false-positive results on a lot of types of drugs tests.

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