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People who live in california?

People who live in california?

You are now given a chance to vote on proposition 19 to legalize marijuana. I don’t discriminate against tobacco users or alcohol users……Alcohol is worse. If you think marijuana is as bad as heroin or coke then you havent smoked before. There is a reason it is called a peace plant. It is an herbal medicine. Think of all the prescription pill usage that is actually legal. And the fake incense they sell in the gas station now which is chemically altered, but that is legal because they can tax it and not worry about people growing it, but its more unhealthy for you. I am not a pothead where i smoke all day and stay burnt out. I toke but i am still capable of holding a job and actually doing pretty well in life. I wouldn’t do more drugs or even drink because i could do that now, i don’t choose to. I just like to smoke to lay back watch a funny movie and it does help me sleep. I don’t even smoke tobacco because i think that stuff is too bad for you. I am person with my own standards and i should be able to choose pot over alcohol. You can have your drink… help give people a right to there own medicine. Vote yes to legalize for me i dont get a chance i dont live there but i am hoping once california does it then our time will come. I am NOT a teenager i am a grown woman, middle class, hardworking mother.
Well further more to you! I am not on medicaid, welfare or unemployment, i said i was middle class i couldnt even get wic! We pay cash for our food, clothes, vehicles even and make smart choices, great credit too!!..pff. what else ya got. We are a damn hardworking family and I for one dont smoke and go to work? Would you go to work drinking? Lets ban drinking because you could work on it…hmm. doesnt make sense. I have my own standards. If you abuse it then yea different, but i for one am not a criminal just because i decide not to drink but hit a plant.
You would have the same regulations as alcohol with this plant, no smoking at work, duh! alright just as long as i am free to buy without breaking a law and hit it in the evening with my own judgement.
I would never claim pot smokers to be more reliable at work. It does make you slightly intoxicated feeling but not as much as alcohol. So are you going to change your mind and vote for me?

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