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Portland Marijuana Dispensaries – Pain Relief For Those Hurting – Case #1

Portland Marijuana Dispensaries – Pain Relief For Those Hurting – Case #1

This fall of 2010 the state of Oregon will be voting on whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to form throughout the state. This would allow for thousands of people throughout the state to finally be able to legally obtain medicinal marijuana to relieve their chronic pain or chronic muscle spasm condition.

Currently, patients need to either grow their medicinal pot or have someone grow it for them-for free. The state does not allow for any money to be transacted with the dispensing of medical marijuana. If this law passes, and Oregon is allowed to offer its marijuana patients medicine through Portland marijuana dispensaries, it would help so many people to suffer less.

I have seen firsthand how much marijuana can help people with medical conditions. My mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and has been using medical marijuana for the last 15 or so years. Marijuana helps my mom to stay relaxed and relatively stress-free. For her, the ability to minimize stress in her life is crucial.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the nervous system in which the body’s immune system is thought to attack its own nervous system. Her disease is significantly affected by the level of stress in her life. I remember times as a kid when she would get real stressed out one evening and wake up the next morning unable to walk or see. The stress from the evening before had caused an MS attack, essentially shutting off part of her body from the control of her brain.

An MS attack usually causes her to lose some functional ability. There were times my mom couldn’t walk for months and had to use a wheel chair. Sometimes she would wake up to not being able to see out of one eye or to have both eyes with double-vision which caused her to get very nauseous. Often she would regain her vision or feeling only a few days later, sometimes it took months. That is what is so horrible about MS, when you lose your site or ability to walk, you don’t know how long you will be that way before you regain it, if ever.

Over the last 15 or years I have noticed a great improvement in my mom’s MS condition. She still has attacks, just not as often nor severe. Marijuana keeps her relaxed and her nerves down, which she is unable to do without it. Medicinal marijuana has other benefits for her also. She often gets nauseous from having double-vision and smoking pot helps her to keep her food down and to maintain something of an appetite. It has even helped her to get rid of her double vision too

Obviously, marijuana has had some very positive health benefits for my mother. I am sure that many other thousands of people can tell of similar benefits from using the plant. The problem right now though is that my mom and people like her have to enter the black market and risk incarceration trying to buy pot from the neighborhood drug dealer.

You see, my parents don’t have the physical ability or knowhow to grow their own marijuana nor do they know anyone who does. And they definitely would be too embarrassed to ask someone, if they even knew who to ask.

What has resulted is that people like my mom are not able the medicine they so desperately need and have been given legal approval to use. Many other people have been imprisoned for trying to buy the medicine they’ve been prescribed. Oregon Initiative 28 will finally fix this current problem by allowing people to finally access their medicine in a safe, legal, and more dignifying manner. Let’s hope I-28 passes for the sake of my mom and the many other thousands out there like her.

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Here you can read about the most up to date news regarding Initiative 28. Should Initiative 28 pass, our site will feature the top Portland marijuana dispensaries in the area and the products and medicine they offer.

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